Kira Mengistu stands by going from Jacob Rapini to ‘hotter’ Romeo Alexander

Kira Mengistu
Bachelor Nation’s Kira Mengistu found a last-minute love story on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @kiramengistu/Instagram

Kira Mengistu appears to have no regrets after her brief but wild ride on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. 

When Kira arrived on the beach, she was immediately enveloped in drama as she and Jill Chin both had their sights set on Romeo Alexander. 

Romeo chose to pursue Jill over Kira, and it seemed Kira was disappointed with Romeo and eager to move on with other men on the island. 

Kira attempted to strike up a connection with Jacob Rapini and Casey Woods to no avail, leading her to be one of the first three women eliminated on the island. 

Despite her elimination, Kira returned to Paradise to shoot her shot with Jacob again; however, he also chose to focus on Jill instead. 

Just before leaving the island, Kira and fellow Harvard grad Romeo rekindled and left the island together.

Now, Kira is addressing why she stands by that decision. 

Kira Mengistu suggests she upgraded by leaving with Romeo Alexander 

Kira Mengistu took to TikTok to share her reaction to a tweet. 

The viewer referenced Kira’s final moments in Paradise, where she left with Romeo despite pursuing Jacob just moments prior. 

The tweet read, “I can’t get over how FAST Kira went from I’m in love with Jacob to Romeo is my person. It was like 10 steps on the beach later.”

Kira replied, “So this right here referenced how quickly I was able to move on from one guy to another in Paradise, and honestly, I stand by it. Why would you sit around crying over a guy when you can just move on and find someone hotter?”

Text over the video was also used in the caption, “Rejection is redirection…towards an even hotter guy.” 

Kira Mengistu pokes fun at ‘modern love story’ with Romeo Alexander 

Since leaving Paradise, Kira and Romeo have provided lots of humorous content and reactions to their time on the show.

In a recent TikTok video, Kira joked about the words she shared with Romeo as they left Paradise.

Text over the video read, “What I said to Romeo as I dragged him away from Paradise.” 

Kira then mouthed audio that whispered, “You better fix my entire life, you little s**t.” 

Kira captioned the post, “A modern love story.” 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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