Here are the first three women eliminated from Bachelor in Paradise 

Teddi Wright
Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 aired its first rose ceremony. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise is in full swing, with the first rose ceremony of the season occurring Tuesday night. 

All the relationships on the island are still fresh, with some further along than others. 

Couples like Brandon Jones and Serene Russell hit it off immediately, and surprise pairs such as Michael Allio and Sierra Jackson also developed tight bonds. 

However, some BIP hopefuls weren’t so lucky.

Three women couldn’t establish solid connections, making them the first to go home from the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 cast. 

Here are the three women whose journeys on Bachelor in Paradise were cut short this week. 

Three women from Clayton Echard’s season get eliminated 

The Bachelor Season 26 star Hailey Malles had an uphill battle when signing on for paradise, considering she wasn’t nearly as well known as other contestants due to her night one elimination on The Bachelor. 

Hailey was interested in Logan Palmer on the island, but he had his sights set on the notorious Shanae Ankney. 

After rejecting Romeo Alexander’s last-minute attempt to strike up a connection with her, Hailey was ultimately sent home. 

Hunter Haag thought she had a secure connection with The Bachelorette Season 19 star Johnny DePhillipo and put all her eggs in that basket at the start of the season. 

However, just before the rose ceremony, Victoria Fuller pulled Johnny aside for a chat that ended with the two passionately making out. 

With Johnny more interested in pursuing Victoria, Hunter ended up getting eliminated. 

Kira Mengistu was surrounded by drama the second she stepped foot in paradise. 

Kira was in a tense love triangle with Romeo Alexander and Jill Chin before getting rejected by Romeo. 

While Kira tried hard to seduce other men on the island, she couldn’t secure a rose and was sent packing.

Who did the BIP Season 8 men give their roses to? 

The men had the power to hand out roses for the first rose ceremony, and their rose choices gave an early indicator of who they’d built connections with on the island. 

Unsurprisingly, Brandon Jones gave his rose to Serene Russell as they’re the most locked-in couple on the island. 

Andrew Spencer gave his rose to Teddi Wright. However, the two had an emotional split later in the episode. 

Michael Allio gave his rose to Sierra Jackson, and Logan Palmer gave his rose to Shanae Ankney. 

Casey chose to hand his rose to Brittany Galvin, and Jacob Rapini decided to keep Lace Morris. 

Despite their arguments and tension, Justin Glaze gave his rose to Genevieve Parisi, and Romeo Alexander gave his rose to Jill Chin. 

Johnny DePhillipo chose to continue pursuing Victoria Fuller. 

The women now have the power, so tune in next week to see who the ladies will give their roses to when Bachelor in Paradise returns.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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