Kim Kardashian education: Did KUWTK star go to college and where?

Kim Kardashian on Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Kim Kardashian is working to become a lawyer and that has KUWTK fans asking about her education. Pic credit: E!

Kim Kardashian West is surprising a lot of people who have written off the reality TV beauty as a flash in the pan, a lucky woman who road the coattails of her former BFF, Paris Hilton.

And now, with the revelation that Kim Kardashian is working to become a lawyer, something many thought she would have abandoned by now, there are questions about Kim’s education. Mainly, people want to know if the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star even went to college.

No longer thought of as a trivial Perez Hilton footnote, the Kardashians and especially Kim, through business deals and a reality TV series that struck a chord, have literally created an empire of assorted businesses thanks in large part to Kim’s quiet reality TV presence.

Kardashian is taking an academic right turn as she is now a mother of four and well past ingenue age, letting Kylie and Kendall grab that spotlight.

The reason? Promoting her new series for Oxygen Network, Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project, Kardashian told Monsters & Critics and other TV critics at the Television Critics’ Association that she “is raising four black children” and worried about their futures in America.

She added: “I had my own awakening after I had kids and I was a little bit older. I hope that through my stories and seeing people that the younger generation can be aware at a younger age.”

Did Kim Kardashian go to college?

The short answer is no. Unlike her older sister Kourtney, who did get an undergrad degree from the University of Arizona, Kim graduated from Marymount High School but never went on to college.

However, being the daughter of a famous attorney (the late Robert Kardashian) has its perks. Kim is interning for a law firm while she goes to law school classes.

Kardashian West told critics while she was on the panel that she had successfully completed her first year of law studies while preparing to release her Oxygen Network documentary about her advocacy work for criminal justice reform.

Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project will debut on the Oxygen cable network this April 5. The two-hour doc reveals West visiting prisons and working with legal experts on four cases of people that they feel were unfairly sentenced. At the TCA panel for her new show, she explained how she is doing it.

Kardashian said: “I’m not doing it for publicity. I really do care and spend 20 hours a week away from my family and my kids every single day. I just completed my first year of law school. Aced a test recently. Jessica [Jessica Jackson, #CUT50 Co-Founder & Senior Counsel] is my attorney that is my apprentice.”

“So, she sees all the work that we put in. But there’s so much behind the scenes that has never been publicized on cases that I work on. I literally do this every single day and spend hours of my time away from my work and everything else, my family because once you realize that — once you get so deep into the system, and I really was not aware of so much that goes on for so long, you just can’t give up.”

“Like, there’s so much that can be done in every single area. So, it can be exhausting, frustrating, but I know that we can make a difference,” Kim continued.

“Like how I believe that Alice Johnson, people not ever putting a face with maybe a drug offense, but to hear that a great grandmother and to not hear her background of what led her to make that decision, but for the public to see Alice Johnson make a difference that I believe led people to really endorse the First Step Act that’s let out now thousands of people.”

Kardashian noted that someone like Alice “shouldn’t have the same sentence as Charles Manson for a first-time low-level drug offense.”

How is Kim Kardashian working in prison reform?

Monsters & Critics asked Kim Kardashian West if her efforts would perhaps merge with another notable Armenian-American, Professor Greg Hampikian.

Hampikian heads the Idaho Innocence Project and worked with the Georgia Innocence Project on the Kerry Robinson case in Georgia, who was wrongly convicted. We also asked if she was working with the Reform Alliance headed by Van Jones. These men head just some of many organizations across the country serving the same people and fighting the same fight.

“Absolutely. So #cut50 which Van Jones’ organization is my sponsor for my law school. So Van, in order to study or read the law in California you have to get a law firm to sponsor you to have your apprenticeship,” Kim Kardashian West responded.

“And so, Van put that together for me. So, the way that it works in California is, not only do you have to put in 20 hours a week in actual studying of courses, but you also have to participate in what the office is, basically, doing.”

Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project will debut on the Oxygen cable network on April 5.

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