Kelley Flanagan shares Lyme disease update and extensive treatment plans

The Bachelor’s Kelley Flanagan reveals her mom’s car rolled into a canal. Pic credit: @kelleyflanagan/Instagram

While viewers watched her romance with Peter Weber play out on The Bachelor, the Illinois native is opening a different side of her life to fans.

Bachelor Nation alum Kelley Flanagan shared an update on her recent Lyme disease diagnosis and revealed a 9-month extensive treatment plan.

Kelley Flanagan shares Lyme disease update

The attorney attended New York Fashion Week as did many of the Bachelor alums and she gave an update to US Weekly on her health.

“It’s going well so far. As you may know, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, so there was a couple of days where I was struggling,” the 29-year-old stated.

“It’s hard because a lot of people see me and they’re, like, ‘She doesn’t look sick,’ and energy-wise, like, I seem fine and all that stuff,” she told the publication.

Kelley continued, “But there’s definitely waves that come with it, and I think that’s been the hardest thing. You get the comments of, ‘Oh, well, Kelley doesn’t have chronic Lyme anymore because she’s taking a photo here.'”

Kelley Flanagan details the extensive treatment process

After the New York trip, Kelley detailed that she planned to fly to Boston to speak with a specialist about the disease.

Revealing she hasn’t started treatment, “It’s really, really strict. I just got diagnosed, so I can’t start the protocol yet, so that’s why I kinda figured Fashion Week is going to be like my last hoorah before I start this hectic nine months.”

Detailing the strict 9-month process, she continued, “No carbs, no sugar, an oxygen tank for, like, 30 minutes a day, brainwaves lasers. … It’s going to be extensive, but I’m ready to tackle it.”

She did note she’s received a lot of support since her announcement on Instagram, including a text message from ex Peter Weber.

Two of Kelley’s brothers have also been diagnosed with the disease, so right now, it’s important for the 29-year-old to raise awareness. “I don’t think there’s enough awareness around this, and that’s why I’m definitely going to talk about it more just to let people know what it is, what the symptoms are, how you feel — because it is manageable.”

She added, “The test is really expensive, it’s not covered by insurance so not a lot of people want to get tested for it nor is there much research behind it. I’m going to try to bring as much awareness to it as I possibly can. Even if I can help one person out, I think that’s my calling as of now.”

The Bachelor is on hiatus on ABC.

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