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The Bachelor: Kelley Flanagan responds to Peter Weber’s claims she was ‘calculated’ and looking for headlines

Kelley Flanagan films for The Bachelor
Kelley Flanagan reveals she couldn’t sit back while Peter Weber called her “calculated” and accused her of “hitting headlines.” Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor alum Kelley Flanagan has responded to Peter Weber sharing his side of the story in regard to their breakup.

Kelley uploaded a YouTube video to express how she felt after listening to Peter’s “brutally honest” account of their breakup on the podcast Bachelor in the City episode titled Peter’s Side of the Story.

Kelley didn’t dispute any of the details he gave regarding their breakup but did take offense to Peter’s claims that she exploited their breakup for attention.

“Usually I’d let it slide, but when there are things out there that are misconstrued, I am always going to stick up for myself as I think everyone else should,” she stated in the video. “And this is kind of in reference as to what is being said about me: that I’m calculated, that I want to hit headlines, that I’m disingenuous, and things like that.”

“Someone is giving their opinion as to why I did it with no facts behind it. Which I think is a little bit crazy,” she said of Peter’s accusations.

Kelley explains why she shared her side of the story

Peter’s interview was in response to a podcast episode Kelley recorded with Chicks in the Office. During this interview, Kelley claimed their relationship “ended really badly” and that she told him to “get out of my life” and “lose my number.”

This had been drastically different from their prior accounts of the breakup, and she explained that the reason she shared her truth wasn’t to hit headlines.

She explained that she only gave details on her side of the story after Peter did interviews following their breakup, claiming that they were still friends and going to meet up.

She reiterated that this version of the breakup wasn’t the truth, but rather the relationship “ended badly,” and she couldn’t stand seeing the false narrative that was circulating.

Kelley explains why she told Peter to get out of her life

Kelley reiterated that she felt “disrespected” both during and after the breakup.

She referenced Peter hanging out with her family friend, Victoria Justice and him hitting up her astrologer in order to find a way back into her life.

“When something happens that’s extremely disrespectful, you have to know your worth,” Kelley said of their breakup. “You have to sit there and say, ‘Good luck to you, I wish you the best in the future but I just don’t necessarily want you in my life.”

Many fans believe that the “extremely disrespectful” thing that happened was Peter cheating on her, but Kelley has yet to disclose any details on it.

Kelley said she really appreciated the nice things he was saying about her, but, especially after how she implied the relationship ended, she expressed, “I think I would have respected him more if he didn’t accuse me of trying to hit headlines.”

If Peter had any chance of getting back into Kelley’s life, it seems like that window of opportunity has closed.

Toward the end of the video, Kelley said she hoped that this video put an end to the rehashing of their breakup, but history proves that Peter may have something to say about this latest installment.

The Bachelorette returns to ABC on Monday, June 7 at 8/7c.

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