Kelley Flanagan reveals how producers impacted her relationship with Peter Weber

Kelley Flanagan in a red dress
Kelley Flanagan discusses her roller-coaster relationship with Peter Weber. Pic credit: ABC

Kelley Flanagan has had a unique and challenging history with former Bachelor boyfriend Peter Weber and she’s recently opened up about how her experience with producers was also a challenge. 

Reflecting on her time on The Bachelor, Kelley shared that she was excluded from everyone during filming and that there’s not much else she could have done to make her and Peter’s relationship more successful. 

Kelley Flanagan suggests producers controlled her time with Peter Weber 

Kelley spoke with US Weekly’s Here for the Right Reasons podcast and discussed any regrets she may have from her experiences within the franchise. 

Kelley appeared not to have many regrets because she felt as though she was limited by producers. 

Kelley shared, “You’re only limited, like, what you can do. If [producers] want you to get that time, they’ll make sure to give you that time. So even if you sit there and you beg and you plea, it’s still not going to solve your [problem]. 

Interestingly, Kelley revealed that people were treated differently while filming, with producers allowing some women notably more time with Peter than others. 

Kelley stated, “You could just see how different people are treated. If one person wants to go talk to him, of course, you know, sometimes even some people will get pulled to go talk to him. But when sitting there and you ask politely, like, they know what you want to do. And you’re not given that green light, what are you going to do? Go beg and plea? They know what they’re doing and it’s on their page.”

While Kelley wanted more time with Peter during the season, she also wasn’t going to grovel for time and she admitted that there were times when she and production got into tiffs. 

Kelley expressed, “And I wasn’t going to be someone — actually there was several times where maybe [production and I] got into it, but again, there wasn’t much I could do more.”

Kelley stood by the fact that she tried her best on the show but she essentially just wasn’t one of the girls that producers wanted to push to the forefront.

Kelley shared, “I could sit here and say that I wish I fought more. I wish I did this. I wish I did that. I participated on all the group dates. I tried my best in a lot of senses, but overall, like, I just don’t think there was too much of a push for me.” 

Kelley says she was excluded from everyone during filming 

Kelley has been outspoken about her experience on The Bachelor in the past and even went so far as to say she was “trapped in a closet” while filming. 

Kelley has now gone on to clarify her statement, sharing, “[I] wouldn’t necessarily quote-unquote say ‘trapped’, but let’s just say I was excluded from everyone else for several hours by myself.” 

She provided further details on her issue with producers when saying, “Every once in a while, a producer would come and then when I would say that, you know, I wasn’t too happy and wanted to go back down, [and] she would just say that her microphone wasn’t working and she couldn’t. And I’m like listen, ‘I just talked to one of the producers. I know [those] microphones go for over a mile long, so don’t sit here and give me that excuse.” 

While Kelley has had plenty of frustrations and difficulties since being on The Bachelor and having a messy falling out with Peter Weber after they dated post-show, she still seems to not carry regrets. 

Even when asked about her scathing comments towards Peter after their split, Kelley shared she had no regrets at all and even admitted, “Listen, I could have done a lot worse.” 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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