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Kelley Flanagan and Victoria Fuller reunite, The Bachelor alum tells fans to ‘just double tap’

Kelley Flanagan and Victoria Fuller
Kelley Flanagan and Victoria Fuller reunited recently in Miami Pic credit: ABC

Kelley Flanagan and Victoria Fuller, who both competed for Peter Weber on The Bachelor Season 24, recently reunited in Miami.

The two had a girls’ night, getting dolled up and attending the highly-anticipated Mayweather vs. Paul fight at Hard Rock Stadium. The star-studded event drew out a large crowd of celebrities.

Kelley’s most recent Instagram post featured a photo of her and Victoria posing in dresses and heels with the caption “Just double tap.”

Victoria found the caption particularly funny, commenting “Y am I cracking up. By myself. Alone.”

On Victoria’s Instagram story, she posted the same photo of the two of them and noted that her flight lost her luggage. Even then, she still expressed an eagerness to vacation in Miami again in the future with Kelley and friends.

The pair appears to have developed a close bond since being at odds during Peter’s roller-coaster season of The Bachelor. They’ve both also dealt with the ups and downs of their relationship with Pete.

Kelley and Victoria had tumultuous experiences with Peter

Victoria’s frustration with losing her luggage on her recent trip isn’t the only time she was let down by airline members. Both Kelley and Victoria had a rocky journey with Pilot Pete.

Interestingly, Kelley and Victoria both appeared to have been frontrunners at the start of Peter’s season. Kelley had even met Peter before Season 24 began filming and felt it was fate for them to go on this love journey together.

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Eventually, Peter and Kelley just could not find natural chemistry between them.

Victoria, on the other hand, made it all the way to fantasy suites with Peter, despite their many arguments along the way.

Peter and Victoria’s most notably awkward moment was when the couple was expected to dance and enjoy the music stylings of Victoria’s ex-boyfriend, country singer Chase Rice.

Later, a former friend of Victoria warned Peter of Victoria’s complicated past which led to a huge disagreement between Victoria and Peter during hometowns. The two became so frustrated with each other that they both decided against meeting her family during the hometown visit.

Kelley and Peter had a nasty split

Despite how rocky Victoria and Peter’s relationship was on the show, Kelley and Peter’s relationship post-show became even messier.

After the indecisive pilot ended up breaking up with both of his final two contestants, Hannah Ann and Madison Prewett, Peter and Kelley attempted to give their romance a second shot.

Kelley alluded to realizing her and Peter’s interests did not align and they eventually decided to break up. However, things got messy when she asked Peter to hold off on announcing the breakup but Peter posted about it anyway.

The couple tried to reconcile afterward but it was short-lived and they officially split in February. However, both have made shady comments towards each other since, with Peter accusing Kelley of essentially being calculated and headline-hungry and Kelley alluding to Peter being immature and disloyal.

Perhaps part of what bonds Kelley and Victoria is their frustrations from having tried to build a lasting connection with Peter. It seems their Miami trip was a welcomed get away from all the fights and drama they’ve been through.

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