Katie Thurston shares the time that Blake Moynes met Tommy — and whether he earned the feline’s approval

Katie Thurston wears earrings and makeup
Katie Thurston introduces her cat, Tommy, to her fiance Blake Moynes. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston’s two favorite companions; her fiancé, Blake Moynes, and pet cat, Tommy, recently met and Katie shared the adorable moment with followers. 

Katie and Blake are both animal lovers so it’s no surprise that Blake was drawn to Tommy. The real test was whether Tommy would approve of Blake and, from their first introduction, it seems Blake may have succeeded in gaining Tommy’s approval. 

Blake Moynes and Tommy hit it off 

Katie took to Instagram to share the important introduction and she captioned the video, “Tommy & Blake Meet.” 

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The video takes place in Katie’s empty San Diego home and begins with Blake petting Tommy while Katie asks, “What do you think, Tommy?”

As Blake rubs Tommy’s cheeks, he shared that cats have glands in their cheeks and so they really enjoy being petted there. 

Tommy appeared shy at first, as he walked back and forth from Blake to Katie, and Blake would make kissing sounds at Tommy in order to get the cat to return to him. Katie amusedly reminded Blake that Tommy isn’t a dog, since those sounds usually work better on dogs. 

However, Blake’s tactics proved effective because Tommy returned to him and once Blake picked Tommy up and cutely cradled him, Blake felt confident that he had won Tommy over. 

Katie even noted how Tommy was loudly purring as Blake did his effective “cheek scrub” while holding him. 

Throughout the video, Katie continued to voice that she thinks Tommy approves of Blake, and that became even more evident when Tommy hopped off the kitchen island and immediately went straight to Blake. 

According to Katie, Tommy definitely likes Blake and has seemingly welcomed his new potential cat-dad into the family.

Blake and Katie navigate their living situation 

During the IG video, Katie also explained that she and Blake had just got back from a flight and she revealed that this was Blake’s first time in California. 

In the past, Katie and Blake have been open about the way in which they plan to navigate a long-distance international relationship since Katie lives in San Diego and Blake still lives in Canada. 

They had shared that they would travel back and forth to each other’s respective homes and stay for a month or more until they eventually find one place to call home together. 

It appears that plan is officially in effect since Blake is now staying with Katie in San Diego for the first time. 

Wherever Katie and Blake lay their roots, Tommy is sure to be along for the ride. 

The Bachelorette returns Tuesday, October 19 at 8/7c on ABC. 

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Wade Wallace
Wade Wallace
2 years ago

What a lovely couple you are. You have shown such maturity that you should be an example to all young couples on how handle a though situation. A long and happy life together to you.