Katie Thurston ready to close the book on Greg Grippo drama, ‘warned’ Blake Moynes about fight

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Katie Thurston has moved on from her past with Greg Grippo and ahead into her future with fiance Blake Moynes. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston is ready to close the book on her past drama with former Bachelorette contestant Greg Grippo.

The fight that occurred four months ago on the New Mexico set of the ABC reality dating series resulted in Katie and Greg’s split and shocked viewers who believe the duo were on the same page and headed for an engagement.

Months after their final interaction with one another, Katie has had time to digest what happened between her and a man she truly cared about before they saw one another again.

Katie shared her thoughts on how she has moved forward from their fledgling romance in an interview with Us Weekly shortly after Blake Moynes put a ring on his feelings for her in the show’s season finale episode.

She also emphatically denied that her romance with Blake had anything to do with the fact that she eliminated frontrunner Greg from the competition.

In fact, during the Season 17 finale, she said that Greg’s elimination allowed her to clarify her feelings for the wildlife manager.

Katie Thurston said she is over Greg Grippo drama

Katie admitted that she is over the drama she experienced with Greg Grippo. However, her hurt feelings were still apparent during the season finale when she confronted the New Jersey native about how he mistreated her before his sudden exit from the season.

after the final rose
Katie Thurston spoke her mind to Greg Grippo in front of Tayshia Adams, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and all of Bachelor Nation during After the Final Rose. Pic credit: ABC

“It doesn’t make sense to forget how someone mistreated me and how it made me feel just because I’m very happy and in love. You have the opportunity to speak to someone who hurt you, you’re going to do it, and you don’t really get that opportunity sometimes in real life when an ex does mistreat you,” she said of her interaction with Greg.

“That’s what people need to remember is After the Final Rose is about kind of speaking your own truth and getting it out there for that final closure. And really, that’s what Greg and I both were able to do. And we’re ready to just close that door forever and move forward. You can be happy and in love in your relationship, but still be upset with how someone treated you in the past, and you want to speak on it,” Katie concluded.

She shared every detail with fiance Blake Moynes

Katie did not shy away from telling Blake every detail of her devastating breakup with Greg, knowing that he would see it as it aired during the final episodes of their season.

paint blake and katie
Katie Thurston told Blake Moynes everything about her confrontation with Greg Grippo ahead of the episode’s airdate. Pic credit: ABC

“I was very honest with Blake leading into every single episode, and we watched some of them together. [Greg’s exit episode] we actually got to watch a few weeks ago and we watched it right before going into filming After the Final Rose, so there was a lot of emotions that I felt that I didn’t feel in the moment with Greg,”  Katie explained.

Blake shared his thoughts on Katie and Greg’s interaction as well.

“It’s very important to be understanding and empathetic of what she is going through, right? It’s easy to be like, ‘Well, why would you say that? What about me? I was there.’ … Michael had left, Greg was leaving. And so I could see why she was doing and saying what she needed to, things were breaking down,” Blake said of the difficult moments between Greg and Katie.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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