Katie Thurston opens up about the struggle of international dating, limits on time with Blake Moynes

The Bachelorette, Katie Thurston, opened up about the struggle of dating her new fiance, Blake Moynes. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes wrapped up their whirlwind romance on The Bachelorette but the challenges are just getting started. Despite getting recently engaged on the season finale, they won’t be getting married soon as they currently navigate the struggles of international dating.

While long-distance can already be hard, Blake and Katie make it even more difficult by living in different countries.

Katie Thurston recently opened up about international dating and the limits she has on time with her new fiance Blake Moynes.

Katie Thurston opens up about the struggle of international dating

When asked by her sister if a Bachelorette wedding was coming soon, Katie responded, “Not soon at all. He’s Canadian… So we have a lot to work through first.”

Opening up about the pains of an international relationship on her Instagram stories (via Life & Style), she said, “I don’t think people fully understand what it’s like to date someone from another country and the rules behind that and the visas behind that.”

Explaining that she believes Blake can only be in the US for 60 days before having to return to Canada, “We really do have a lot we have to look into – and just haven’t yet – before we can plan really anything else.”

Asking her followers for their input, she added, “But I am curious, if you are dating somebody from another country — whether Canadian to U.S., U.S. to Canadian — I would love to know your experiences with that, in terms of all that fun legal stuff that we are holding off on.”

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes are still deciding where their anchor will be

While most viewers weren’t sure if Blake would propose at the end, he shocked fans by asking Katie to marry him.

Since then, the Bachelorette star recently took to Canada to tour her new fiance’s hometown.

When asked about their future living situation, The Bachelorette told Us Weekly, “We’re going to probably spend weeks at a time whether it’s in Canada or San Diego [where I’m headed to] and we’re just not ready to plant roots somewhere. So we’re just kinda going to hop around because we have that luxury to do so.”

Stepping in, Moynes added, “We need to see each other’s lifestyles and our passions, our interests, and then try to see where our anchor spot will be, where all those things can kind of align and make sense for both of us.”

“We’re going to jump around for a bit and experience what works best for us,” the wildlife manager continued.

Do you think Katie and Blake will be able to make their relationship work?

The Bachelorette returns for Michelle Young’s season on Tuesday, October 19 at 8/7c on ABC.

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Wade Wallace
Wade Wallace
2 years ago

Absolutely! They’re mature enough to make sure that find a place where both of them are happy with. Thurston has been hurt so many times that when she found Blake who, her words, loves me for me which is some thing she has never experienced before. I think that they are extremely committed to each other and work to please the other person. Both were looking for love and found it in each other’s mutual respect and caring.

2 years ago

NEVER WILL IT WORK OUT. blake didnt want to propose but he did.

he isnt excited at all. he is getting fame this way………