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Katie Thurston called out by The Bachelorette viewers for telling Blake Moynes what Greg Grippo wanted to hear

Katie wears an updo and an annoyed expression
Katie changes her stance on the L-word. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston had one rule she most wanted to stick to as The Bachelorette. Her personal rule was that she would refrain from saying “I love you” to any man until he was the only man left.

Katie’s reasoning was that she didn’t feel right saying it to several people while she was still involved in other relationships. This rule played a big part in the downward spiral of Katie and Greg’s relationship and also had fans scratching their heads and calling her out when she broke her rule for Blake. 

Katie’s love for Blake felt too abrupt and convenient for The Bachelorette viewers 

Greg wanted to hear that Katie loved him before proposing, but Katie was adamant about not professing her love to him just yet. Greg eventually became so frustrated that he eliminated himself from the show, stating that he deserved better and leading many viewers to accuse him of gaslighting.

While many fans didn’t like Greg’s behavior, they also found it odd that Katie was saying things that sounded like she was in love with Greg — such as stating that Greg was a frontrunner and that if he left she would want to quit the show — and yet Katie still wouldn’t outright tell Greg what he desired to hear. 

This became even more odd to viewers when Katie proceeded to go on a date with Blake and completely disregard her rule by telling Blake that she loves him so much. 

Katie switching her outlook on her own rule had members of Bachelor Nation calling Katie out for the quick and convenient way she appeared to instantly know she was in love with Blake. 

A fan questioned the timing of Katie’s immediate love for Blake by saying, “So Katie magically knew she was in love with Blake just right after Greg left…” 

Katie and Blake are accused of settling 

Another critic of the couple suggested that Katie and Blake’s love is a sign that they settled for one another because neither appeared to be their first choice on The Bachelor franchise. Katie expressed both Greg Grippo and Michael Allio being at the top of her list before self-eliminating and breaking up with her and Blake had previously competed for both Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams before pursuing Katie. 

A viewer clearly and concisely broke down their own take on the situation of Katie seeming to be in love with Greg but expressing her love to Blake. Their tweet read, “Bottom line – if Katie wanted Greg to stay she would’ve told him she loved him as easily as she told Blake. If Greg was ready to propose he would’ve stayed regardless of potential heartbreak. They weren’t right for each other.” 

A tweet about Katie and Greg not being right for one another
Viewer offers input on why Katie didn’t tell Greg she loved him. Pic credit: @petersgolfcart/Twitter

After an explosive reunion on After the Final Rose, it seems to be very true that at the end of the day, Katie and Greg were not right for each other, and Katie professed her love to the one she believes she’s most meant to be with, which is her fiancé Blake. 

The Bachelorette returns this fall on ABC. 

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