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The Bachelorette viewers call out Greg Grippo for ‘gaslighting’ Katie Thurston

Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo film for The Bachelorette
Bachelorette viewers were “appalled” by how Greg Grippo treated Katie Thurston ahead of his exit. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette viewers have some strong words for former frontrunner Greg Grippo after his hometown date with Katie Thurston.

The date had gone seemingly well, but everything went south when Katie and Greg left his family to have a moment for themselves.

Greg stated in a confessional interview that he wanted Katie to tell him she loved him, but things didn’t go as Greg had hoped.

Why Greg Grippo lost his cool

He shared that he was in love with her and waited for her response. However, as the Bachelorette lead, it’s somewhat of an unspoken rule that she’s not supposed to tell the other contestants she loves them until she ends the season with one man.

And this season, Katie has even said out loud that she’s saving those special words for the end, when she isn’t dating multiple guys at once.

When Greg didn’t hear what he wanted to hear, a switch flipped and many viewers felt he was wrongfully taking out his frustrations on Katie.

Katie tried to imply that he was the one she was going to pick at the end. However, the more Katie tried to talk to him, the angrier he got.

The Bachelorette viewers couldn’t understand how Greg couldn’t understand that Katie was implying he was the one as much as she could.

“This whole attitude Greg has is not it,” one user tweeted. “she was trying to tell you you were the one without tell you.”

Another wrote, “name of the game is tell the lead you love them and 95% of them don’t say it back and Greg just immediately shut down, got really aggressive and started sabotaging. Not a good look bro”

The next day, Greg went to Katie’s hotel room to rehash the issue.

He told her he felt as if she put a wall up and wasn’t being herself anymore and insisted that she wasn’t listening.

Katie attempted to apologize, even though some fans felt that she didn’t need to, but Greg shut down all of her attempts.

The Bachelorette viewers react to Greg’s self-elimination

Some viewers were sad to see Greg go. However, others claimed to have seen through his attempts at manipulating Katie.

Many have now dubbed him “Greg the Gaslighter.”

Many are recognizing that Greg’s behavior towards Katie was toxic and are calling him out for it.

“Greg is doing some serious gaslighting right now,” Shem tweeted. “He’s having temper tantrum right now.”

Bachelorette viewers tweet about Greg Grippo.
Pic credit: @shem/Twitter

Another stated that he seems to be taking out his emotional baggage on Katie.

“Greg is appalling. That was straight up emotional abuse,” the critic wrote. “Gaslighting, stonewalling, guilting. Homeboy did a hat trick. He is NOT WELL and needs serious help before pursuing a relationship.”

Bachelorette viewers tweet about Greg Grippo.
Pic credit: @kstrucks/Twitter

A third called him out for having a “fragile male ego” and why his behavior was manipulative.

“This is very ‘fragile male ego’ to me. You open yourself up to someone only if you’re expecting something in return? I don’t think that’s why you’re supposed to do it,” they wrote.

Bachelorette viewers tweet about Greg Grippo.
Pic credit: @PinkMoscat0/Twitter

In this roller coaster ride of an episode, Greg seemingly showed off his true colors, and now viewers will have to see if Katie will find love with Blake or Justin or if she’ll leave alone.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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  1. Greg is da Man. Don’t take no chit. Your either in or out. You chose, now I choose. Wait, it’s ok, go sleep in the fantasy room with 3 guys you hoe.

    • I agree. Katie was a b***h to Greg. He wanted reassurance just like she demanded it. She acts like she wants people to kiss her butt and they don’t get the same respect from her that she demands from everyone else. Watching the finale to me she came across as a demanding miserable self entitled b***h that when she doesn’t get what she wants she tries to break that person down to make herself feels better.


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