Kate Chastain pulls out ‘resting bitch face code red’ on Below Deck

Kate gives Emily and Sierra the ultimate 'resting bitch face' on this week's Below Deck
Kate gives Emily and Sierra the ultimate ‘resting bitch face’ on this week’s Below Deck

Below Deck’s Kate Chastain pulls out the ultimate “resting bitch face” on this week’s Below Deck, after coming close to losing it at Emily Warburton-Adams and Sierra Storm.

It’s the last day of the charters season and the crew have to get the boat back into the same state it was in when they started out.

But when Kate does her rounds of the cabins she notices some of the trash cans are still full, and three of the rooms are running seriously low on toilet paper.

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She pulls up Emily and Sierra in the galley, and her face says it all as she says in a confessional: “This is resting bitch face code red. Don’t let me be the bad guy, because I can be a very bad, bad guy.”

Pointing at three sorry looking toilet rolls, she tells the pair: “I know it’s the last full day of charter season, but this is the toilet paper situation.

“This was in the twin room, this was in starboard forward, this was in port forward…so I want both of you girls to go and conquer the cabins, vacuum, get all the spots off the mirrors, make sure all the toilet paper’s filled, and all the Kleenex paper’s filled so the boat looks really nice when it gets put back.”

But Sierra Storm is taken aback, and says in an interview with producers: “Emily and I worked so hard this weekend and for her to say that wasn’t good enough, it’s bulls***.”

Also on tonight’s penultimate Season 4 episode of Below Deck, Sierra and Kelley also have a heated confrontation. Meanwhile, Nico vents his fury over what he sees as Kate’s “manipulative” personality, and Kelley gets used to his new Senior Deckhand.

Below Deck airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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