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Kate Chastain admits on Below Deck reunion: ‘I am kind of a bitch sometimes’

Kate Chastain and Jen Howell on the Below Deck reunion
Kate Chastain apologizes to Jen Howell on the Below Deck reunion

Kate Chastain apologizes to Jen Howell on tonight’s Below Deck Season 5 reunion for telling her she “sucks at her job” — and admits: “I am kind of a bitch sometimes.”

The pair failed to see eye-to-eye for much of the season, but try to put their bad blood to rest on the reunion hosted by Andy Cohen.

Jen says that while the pair did have “banter” between them while working on the Valor, there’s a “thin line” between joking with each other and being insulting.

Kate’s apology comes after she told guests earlier in the season that Jen “sucks at her job but she’s funny”. Kate says she was just playing to the guests’ personalities but admits that her comment may have been out of line.

Jen says: “We actually had a banter going on — we were both very sarcastic with each other and witty, but it was very jovial.

“It’s a slippery slope because there’s a very thin line where you’re joking one second and the next second you’re insulting one another.”

Jen also said she was sorry after calling Kate a “little bitch”. She said: “I definitely apologize as well for being out of line, because you were my boss.”

Kate admits: “I am kind of a bitch sometimes!”

The Below Deck Reunion airs tonight at 9/8c on Bravo.

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