Kail Lowry claps back at Teen Mom 2 fan who criticized her about Isaac’s cell phone

Kail Lowry on Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry claps back at hater who criticized her for the way she handled the cell phone situation with Isaac. Pic credit: MTV

During the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Kail Lowry and her ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera, had a disagreement over their 11-year-old son Isaac’s use of a cell phone.

After filming an episode of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast along with Jo and his wife Vee Rivera, Jo asked Kail about the cell phone that she bought for Isaac.

Because Kail purchased the phone for their son without discussing it with Jo, he wanted to make sure they were on the same page.

Jo was concerned with the amount of time Isaac would be allowed to be using the phone and he wanted to make sure there were parental controls utilized so that Isaac couldn’t access inappropriate information.

Kail became somewhat defensive at Jo’s questions and stated that she wasn’t concerned about Isaac finding things that he shouldn’t.

Despite becoming frustrated with Jo, Kail did sit Isaac down to discuss some ground rules for the device and to make sure he understood what he should and shouldn’t be doing while using it.

Fans had several opinions about the entire interaction between Kail and Jo. One fan, in particular, criticized Kail’s parenting and she was quick to clap back with a response.

Kail claps back at Teen Mom 2 fan who criticized her for how she handled the cell phone ordeal

The official Teen Mom Instagram page shared a sneak peek of Kail’s conversation with Jo ahead of the episode airing.

Fans were quick to comment and give their opinions.

One fan took the opportunity to criticize Kail and said, “If it was the other way round and Jo had a free phone on a last minute thing and Kail didn’t agree there would be HELL on. Instead she sits there with that pout as if to say tough sh*t its happening.”

Kail didn’t take too kindly to the comment and immediately responded to defend herself.

She wrote, “No, I think I’ve grown a lot. Definitely not.”

Kail claps back at fan who criticized her
Kail claps back at fan who criticized her Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

Kail’s co-parenting relationship with Jo has had its ups and downs

Jo and Kail have had their ups and downs over the last eleven years and while things haven’t always been easy, they have come a long way when it comes to co-parenting.

Kail and Jo have both matured over the years and now have a friendship with one another and usually see eye-to-eye for the most part. Kail has even become friends with Jo’s wife, Vee, and they co-host the Baby Mamas No Drama podcast together.

While they may not necessarily be on the same page every time, it’s clear that Kail and Jo have a respect level for one another and both of them want what’s best for Isaac.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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