Kail Lowry calls out critics who accused Jo and Vee Rivera of buying new home with Teen Mom 2 money

Teen Mom 2 alums Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera
Kail defended her baby daddy Jo Rivera and his wife Vee when Teen Mom 2 critics made accusations about them buying a new house. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram and @veeautifyme/Instagram

Kail Lowry defended her baby daddy Jo Rivera and his wife Vee after Teen Mom 2 viewers accused them of using their earnings from the show to purchase their new home.

Kail and Vee Rivera have formed an unlikely friendship and business partnership despite years of not getting along. Vee is married to Kail’s first baby daddy, Jo, who shares 12-year-old Isaac with his ex.

The ladies co-host one of Kail’s three podcasts, Baby Mamas No Drama. During a recent episode, Jo joined the ladies where he and Vee gave some details about the new Delaware home they recently purchased.

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On the most recent episode, the topic of Jo and Vee’s new house came up, and Kail divulged that some Teen Mom 2 fans are taking their accusations too far when it comes to Jo and Vee’s finances and private life.

“Um, I have to tell you, someone sent me an article,” Kail told Vee during the podcast. “Some publication got a hold of like your house stuff – it was on Facebook, like the article, and all the comments were so f**king negative, and I went off.”

“Like, they were like, ‘Oh, this must be what getting knocked up as a teen gets you,’ and I literally commented, and I was like, ‘Actually, Vee wasn’t a teen when she got pregnant and started her family,'” Kail continued. “I said so, y’all wanna be f**king negative, go somewhere else, I said, and we’re not even on the show anymore. We haven’t been on the show for a f**king minute.”

Kail Lowry vehemently defends Jo and Vee Rivera after Teen Mom 2 fans make accusations against them

Kail continued her rant: “And I said furthermore, like, this is none of your f**king business. Like, why do you even have this up here? It just pissed me off because I know how much people do it to me, but like to sit there and call you guys like, ‘Oh, this must be what you get for being a Teen [Mom],’ like no. She was never a Teen Mom. I was so pissed off for you.”

Jo and Vee Rivera’s earnings outside of Teen Mom 2

Jo and Vee have earned a living for themselves outside of filming for Teen Mom 2. Jo’s real estate empire in Delaware is worth upwards of $1 million. Jo, who owns numerous homes, buys fixer-uppers and flips them for a profit, while Vee holds a real estate license.

During an episode of Baby Mamas No Drama last year, Jo revealed to Kail’s audience, “We had Vee get a real estate license so we can act as two separate parts and work together. Keep some money in house!”

Vee also touts her services as a licensed real estate agent in Delaware on her Instagram page @realtywithvee, as well as her and Jo’s website, The Rivera Group.

In addition to earning money in the real estate business, Vee also owns and operates her Latina-owned beauty brand, Vivid Belleza, and co-hosts another podcast, Vibin’ & Kinda Thrivin’, which is produced by Kail’s podcast network, KILLR.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently in production and slated to premiere in the near future.

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1 year ago

Who cares how Jo&vee bought there house
Kail Lowery how you pay for your built home ! People are so into other’s business