Justin Glaze jokingly shades Chris Rock for overshadowing Bachelor Live on Stage

Justin Glaze
Justin Glaze jokes Chris Rock is taking up all the media. Pic credit: ABC

Justin Glaze is the current star on the Bachelor Live on Stage tour, but all his focus was on another star who made headlines recently.

The former Bachelorette contestant poked fun at Chris Rock for taking up all of the media attention in Boston the day before Justin and Becca Kufrin put on their show.

Justin kept the joke going by confronting news reporters, and Becca Kufrin jumped in to reference the infamous Will Smith slap.

Justin Glaze and Becca Kufrin joke about media attention

Justin appeared to be walking down the streets of Boston when he happened on a crowd of reporters and cameras lined up behind a safety rail.

“Wow! Look at all the media here to see @bkoof!” he captioned the video while joking that he had no idea they would attract this much attention.

Justin Glaze Instagram
Pic credit: @justinglaze/Instagram

“All these news outlets just dying to report on Bachelor Live on Stage,” Justin continued in his next Instagram story clip. “What? Wait a minute. Hold up,” he said as he panned the camera up to show a sign announcing a sold-out Chris Rock show.

Justin Glaze Instagram
Pic credit: @justinglaze/Instagram

“The audacity of Chris Rock to pull up in Boston the night of me and Becca Kufrin. Boy bye,” he said.   

Becca joined in and reposted the video, which included a photo of the moment Will Smith hit Chris Rock at the Oscars, to her Instagram story.

Becca Kufrin Instagram
Pic credit: @bkoof/Instagram

The former Bachelorette contestant wasn’t quite done yet, however, as he made his way over to the crowd to ask if they were waiting to see Becca Kufrin. Justin was doubly disappointed when the man replied they were waiting for Chris Rock.

Justin Glaze and Becca Kufrin hosted Bachelor Live on Stage show in Boston

The joke was all in good fun, however, and Becca and Justin went on to host a “great” show in Boston.

The two posted several follow-up videos together laughing as they signed a wall after the show. Becca poked fun at Justin’s multi-tasking skills by telling him his rose doodle looked more like a duck.

Justin Glaze Instagram
Pic credit: @justinglaze/Instagram

“And here I thought you were an artist,” Becca captioned the video of Justin, who is known in the franchise for his artistic abilities.

Justin is also well-known for his over-the-top facial expressions during Katie Thurston’s Season of The Bachelorette. With a reputation as a fan-favorite contestant, it is no surprise that Justin treated Bachelor Nation fans to an exciting live show.

The Bachelorette returns July 11th on ABC.

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