Juanita Marshall: Who is NeNe Leakes’ former SWAGG store manager accused of cheating with Gregg Leakes?

Nene Leakes accuses Juanita Marshall former SWAGG store manager cheating with her husband
Nene allegedly fired former store manager Juanita Marshall over an inappropriate relationship with Gregg Leakes. Pic credit: ImageCollect/StarMaxWorldwide/@therealjuanitamarshall/Instagram

By now you’ve all heard the story about Nene’s husband, Gregg Leakes, being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a former store employee.

Well, now we’ve found the woman caught in the middle of all the controversy, and she’s denying the allegations.

Just last week Nene spoke openly about her relationship during an interview with the Lip Service podcast.

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While discussing the topic of infidelity, the RHOA alum revealed that she doesn’t care if Gregg cheats as long as she doesn’t know about it. She added that she would find it “really disrespectful” if she found out.

Well, the Swagg boutique owner allegedly did find out about an inappropriate relationship between Gregg and her former store manager, Juanita Marshall.

Gregg reportedly propositioned Juanita

According to sources at Page Six “Gregg propositioned former Swagg Boutique store manager Juanita Marshall because he was ‘looking for companionship.'” A source told the outlet that they saw flirty texts from Gregg to Marshall that allegedly said, “Oh my gosh, you’re so beautiful. I never saw anyone so beautiful as you.”

Nene says she found out about the relationship from another employee.

When she asked Gregg he responded, “We never did anything. We just talked on the phone. We never had sex…You weren’t here for me to talk to.”

Juanita also denies anything inappropriate with Gregg, telling Page Six, “Gregg never propositioned me… I was a store manager, so I talked to him just like her other managers from her other locations talk to him.”

She also told the source that she was not fired from the boutique but, “left willingly because at the time it was just out of hand,”  Adding “It was too much drama for me, so I decided not to stay. I walked away from the position.”

Since the news broke, many have been querying the identity of Juanita Marshall.

So let’s divulge what we know about Juanita

The 35-year-old attended the Art Institute of Washington and completed a B.A.Sc in Fashion Merchandising.

Interestingly her LinkedIn page still has Swagg Boutique as her place of employment — listing her title as store manager from 2019 to present.

Juanita was also a lead sales associate at Nordstrom for three years, a store intern for Patricia Field in New York and a junior stylist at Macy’s from 2010 to 2012.

During her time at Nene’s store, Marshall monitored the financial performance of the store, negotiated buying terms with vendors, and acted as social media marketing director.

She also helped with the opening of Swagg’s new location at the MGM National Harbor.

Juanita’s Instagram page lists her credentials as celebrity wardrobe stylist, personal shopper and image consultant.

She also has a video dating back to September 2019 which shows her accessorizing Nene inside of a store.

The last time she posted to her Instagram page was two weeks ago, when she showed off a stylish outfit.

Marshall has not addressed the reports about her and Gregg on any of her known social media channels.

However, it seems Nene, Gregg and Juanita have all moved on with their lives.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on Bravo.

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