Jovi Dufren tells 90 Day Fiance fans where he would like to live next in the US

Jovi Dufren
Jovi let his fans know the two states he is in between moving to. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance and Happily Ever After? viewers know very well by now that Yara Zaya wants to move outside of the swamp in and around New Orleans and Jovi Dufren just revealed where he’s narrowed it down to.

Viewers familiar with Yara and Jovi’s dynamic also know that while Jovi has several places in mind, it will be Yara’s decision in the end.

Regardless of whether Jovi and Yara are on the same page, Jovi told 90 Day Fiance fans during an Instagram Q&A that he wants to go to either Florida or Texas.

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Jovi Dufren revealed where he wants to move to in the US

Jovi and Yara have been teasing about a big move for a long time, and it appears that they may be a little closer since Jovi has his sights on two places.

On Instagram, Jovi answered a fan’s question asking, “Did you pick a state to live in or still exploring?”

Jovi replied, “Still exploring this beautiful world. I’m leaning FL. maybe TX.”

Jovi let his followers know what states are on his radar to move to. Pic credit: TLC

If Jovi and Yara decided to move to Florida they would be around a number of other 90 Day Fiance cast members such as Amber Graney from Love in Paradise and Kenny Niedermeier from The Other Way. While Kenny doesn’t live in Florida anymore, he did hang out with Amber when he visited Florida since he’s from there.

Other 90 Day Fiance alum in Florida include Russ and Paola, Nicole Nafzinger, and the Potthast family to name a few.

Jovi and Yara’s move may be dependent on the location they both can agree on. They have already taken baby Mylah to visit six different states which means they might be trying to get on the same page.

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya want to purchase a home together

Since Jovi and Yara started a family it has been important, especially for Yara, to settle down. For them, this entails purchasing a home.

They have said that they are tired of renting a place but need to figure out where they want to move to before they can fulfill their dream of buying a house.

Jovi makes a good salary in his field of underwater robotics so the couple hasn’t mentioned any worries about how they will afford a place.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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