Johnny reveals a deeper relationship with Bao’s friend Sarah

Johnny revealed his relationship is deeper with Bao’s friend Sarah than it appeared. Pic credit: Lifetime

With tensions rising and time coming to end on the Married at First Sight experiment, a bombshell conversation was revealed between Johnny and his new wife’s friend Sarah.

But what wasn’t revealed was how deep the relationship between Johnny and Bao’s friend actually stemmed.

Johnny reveals a deeper relationship with Bao’s friend Sarah

It’s no surprise that Johnny and Bao are experiencing major turbulence in their new marriage. With the two constantly bumping heads and fans going as far as to call Johnny’s actions toxic, it’s not looking good for the match.

However, what was shocking was that Johnny suck out counsel about the failing relationship with one of her friends. Bao’s friend Sarah spilled the tea on her best friend, saying that she had a tendency to break people down to only rebuild them to her specifications.

However, in a conversation with Jamie Otis on Unfiltered, Johnny revealed his relationship with Bao’s friend actually runs deeper than it appeared on our TV screens.

“First of all, I want to clarify. Sarah is also my friend. Sarah and I went to the same high school, went to the same college. We have the same group of friends,” recounted the 35-year-old. “I’ve actually kept in touch more with Sarah over the past 15 years than I have with Bao.”

Sarah solidified Johnny’s doubts that he wasn’t alone in how Bao treated her partners and Johnny continued to drop another bomb, adding, “She’s known all three people that I think proposed to her or were ready to propose to her. She knows all of these long-term relationships.”

There’s only one week left till Decision Day

With Decision Day swiftly approaching, Jamie Otis asked Johnny what he would be considering when it came to his upcoming choice.

“I think I what I need to weigh is just, like, how much of this can I tolerate? And is there any way to climb back from this?” asked the IT professional.

He added, “Now that I know who she is, it all kind of makes sense now.”

With only one week in the experiment, it’s time for the participants to reflect on if they can really see forever in their scientifically matched partner.

Do you think Bao and Johnny will stay together on Decision Day?

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