John Paul Jones just went public about his new girlfriend

John Paul Jones smiles on the couch while wearing a suit
John Paul Jones relives his time on The Bachelorette Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor franchise has introduced plenty of unique and eccentric contestants, and John Paul Jones is easily one of the most memorable to ever be on the series. 

After appearing on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette and then having a whirlwind romance with Tayshia Adams on Bachelor in Paradise, John Paul Jones has now found a new love.

John Paul Jones is officially off the market 

John recently went public about his new relationship and received an outpouring of congratulations from fans.

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Alumni within The Bachelor franchise also expressed their congratulations, including JPJ’s fellow Season 15 contestants, Mike Johnson, Connor Saeli, and scandalous Jed Wyatt. 

To announce that he is no longer single, John Paul Jones posted a nice photo of him and his girlfriend, Katie Poulin, with the simple caption, “This my gulfwend.”

While his girlfriend Katie is more private on social media than John Paul Jones, who boasts 533 thousand followers, she does appear to be adventurous like John and enjoys daring activities such as skydiving. 

John finally found luck in love 

John Paul Jones stood out from the moment he first graced the television screen on The Bachelorette and his goofy humor, unpredictable antics, and unforgettable name made him a fan favorite. However, his road to love wasn’t always the smoothest.

He was eliminated during week 4 of The Bachelorette, and then later he seemed to have found something special while in paradise with Tayshia, although that eventually fell through as well.

John and Tayshia’s relationship on the island started off slow since Tayshia didn’t have John Paul Jones on her radar, but once he made his interest in her crystal clear the two’s chemistry began to blossom. After a while, it appeared Tayshia and JPJ might’ve decided to get engaged on the island but, in an emotional turn of events, they both ended up leaving the island single. 

However, when they returned for the BIP reunion, Tayshia and John Paul Jones announced that they had reunited after the show, revealing video footage of the two rekindling. The pair decided to give their relationship another chance and even relocated to be together, thrilling all the fans who were rooting for this sweet yet unexpected couple. 

Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last and the two announced their amicable spit after briefly dating away from the cameras. 

With John Paul Jones having had two public breakups with Hannah and Tayshia, fans are happy to see that he has finally found happiness in a new relationship. Hopefully, this one can go the distance. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC 

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