Joe Giudice reunited with his daughters Gia and Milania in Italy

Milania Giudice visits her dad Joe in Italy.
Gia and Milania are thrilled to be spending time with their dad Joe after a year of not seeing him. Pic credit: @milania_giudice/Instagram

The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Joe Giudice has reunited with two of his daughters, Gia and Milania, in Italy.

It has been nearly a year since Joe saw his children. The proud papa is over the moon to have two of his girls visiting him.

Sharing their happy reunion on social media

Joe used Instagram to share a video of him waiting for Milania and Gia to arrive in Rome. The father shared he had anxiety waiting for his girls to land.

Then Joe went on a rant regarding the quarantine process and the amount of paper his daughters had to endure before being allowed in Italy.

The video message was later deleted and replaced with Joe’s photos with his girls to highlight only the happy times.

19-year-old Gia shared photos and video to Instagram Stories, showing her dad loading luggage into the car. She squealed with delight to see her dad after nearly a year.

Gia has since shared the Rome holiday she is experiencing with her sister and father.

Milania has also been happily sharing her visit on social media. The 14-year-old shared photos of her family visiting all the Rome tourist sites. She also posted a picture of her and Joe, expressing her happiness of being back in Italy with her father.

Joe posted a picture of him loading the girl’s luggage into his car, sharing he is “filled with gratitude to have” two of his four daughters with him.

So far, there has been no explanation as to why Gabriella and Audriana did not make the trip.

Pic credit: @JoeGiudice/Instagram

A long overdue family visit

It has been nearly a year since Joe has seen any of his children. Teresa flew to Italy with all four girls last November after Joe was deported in October.

All four of the Giudice girls were scheduled for a lengthy visit with their father last April. However, the coronavirus pandemic shut down the world, forcing the trip to be delayed.

Joe hoped to reunite with his girls in August, but that did not pan out either.

Joe struggled with being away from his daughters amid the current health climate. However, he stayed positive and revealed he spoke to the girls every day. Joe is in constant contact and is as present as he can be living in a different country.

Gia and Milania Giudice are finally spending time with their father, Joe, in Italy. After a couple of trip delays and many coronavirus hoops, the family is reunited on a fun vacation.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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