Joan Vassos says Gerry Turner ‘wrote the rulebook’ and is giving advice for The Golden Bachelorette

Joan Vassos on The Golden Bachelor
The first The Golden Bachelorette star is getting advice from Gerry Turner. Pic credit: ABC

Joan Vassos is ready to meet her suitors as she heads to film The Golden Bachelorette.

Ahead of her stint as the star of the new Bachelor Nation spin-off, Joan has been sharing much about what she wants in a man and how she expects to find him.

Lucky for Joan, she’s the first woman to lead a Golden show, but she’s not the first person.

Joan appeared on Gerry Turner’s season of The Golden Bachelor.

She left early to care for her daughter, who had just given birth. Had she not left early, the ending for that series could have turned out quite different.

But now that she’s in charge of her love life, Joan is leaning on Gerry for guidance and says he’s definitely shared some insights with her ahead of the first season of The Golden Bachelorette.

Joan Vassos leaned on ‘good friend’ Gerry Turner to prepare for The Golden Bachelorette

Joan Vassos is one of The Golden Bachelor cast members with great things to say about Gerry Turner.

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, as she prepares to begin filing soon, Joan couldn’t help but sing Gerry’s praises.

“We text all the time. He’s a very, very good friend,” Joan admitted. “He did this so well. He kind of created the road map that we have now. There’s no rulebook, and he kind of wrote it a little bit.”

Joan explained why she thought Gerry’s season went so well.

“He exemplified somebody who is very open and vulnerable. He said that’s what you need to be from day one because you don’t have a lot of time,” she said of The Golden Bachelor star. “This is a quick journey. You can’t leave anything on the table. I feel like day one, starting conversation one, everything you do here is important.”

Here’s why Joan Vassos left Gerry Turner’s season of The Golden Bachelor early

Joan Vassos made a huge impression on Gerry Turner during a solo date right before she chose to leave the show.

The timing was terrible because it was clear that there was a lot of chemistry between Gerry and Joan. But family comes first. In Joan’s case, that family was her daughter who had just given birth.

While filming the early weeks of the show, Joan learned that her daughter was having some issues with postpartum depression that had her worried. That was enough for Joan to pack her bags, say goodbye, and head home to ensure her daughter got the support she needed.

It was only Week 3 on The Golden Bachelor, but that was enough to make a huge impression on Gerry and the rest of Bachelor Nation.

Calls came in early for her to take over as The Golden Bachelorette, but it didn’t seem too serious. After all, no one has been made a lead before after walking off a show that early. Not only that but there were more realistic options, like possibly Leslie Fhima or Faith Martin. Fans even brought up Susan Noles’ name.

But ultimately, Joan was cast in the leading role and Bachelor Nation is excited to see what she brings.

The Golden Bachelorette will air in the fall of 2024 on ABC.

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