Jim Jones says his mother taught him how to french kiss by kissing him

Jim Jones the rapper
Jim Jones went viral for his comments about kissing his mother. Pic credit: ©

Rapper Jim Jones said his mother taught him how to tongue kiss during an appearance on a podcast.

The former Love & Hip Hop: New York star appeared on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, where he claimed his mother was very open when it came to teaching him about sex.

“I learned my sex education from my mother. She told me everything about sex,” the 45-year-old shared. “My first condoms, everything like that. My moms taught me how to kiss when I was younger.”

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Angela Yee then asked the Dipset rapper to  elaborate on how his mother instructed him to “tongue kiss.”

“It wasn’t no instructions; she showed me with her mouth,” Jim responded.

Yee appeared shocked, uttering: “she kissed you?” Jones quipped back, “That’s my mother”, adding: 

“She showed me how to tongue kiss when I was younger, my mom was 17…she a baby. Look at all the babies that’s having babies now and look how they act with their babies, it’s like they have a little sister or brother more than they have a child.”

Angela then changed the topic revealing that she thought it was weird the first time she kissed, to which Jim Jones replied that he found it strange the first time he kissed a girl but not when his mother showed him.

The comments went viral, with most expressing shock and concern that the rapper was unknowingly a victim of abuse.

Twitter comments
Pic credit: @Ms_Mayfield and @CoachLavonya and @black_mixed/Twitter

Others expressed their revulsion at hearing the revelation.

Jim Jones claims it was a joke after going viral, but fans aren’t buying it

The 45-year-old rapper took to his Instagram to respond to the backlash of many criticizing his mother on social media.

He claimed that he was joking about his mother teaching him how to tongue kiss in an Instagram video.

“For the record, I love my mama more than anything in the world. And for the record, it was a joke,” he said.

“You people take things way too far…don’t bother us anyway, he said, adding:

“That’s weak what y’all trying to project,” seemingly in reference to people claiming he was abused.

The former LHHNY star continued: “Something from my childhood, talking about things, I thought that was funny, I appreciate mommy for helping me out but no, cut it short jack, cut the bullsh*t…”

However, most fans in the comment section didn’t buy it as a joke.

“Nah. Not making fun of you but you can’t backpedal on that man… it’s messed up,” a person wrote.

“Naw, don’t get lying now? you said what you said,” a commenter added.

“Who jokes like this ?,” another said in disbelief.

Instagram comments
Pic credit:@jimjonescapo/Instagram

Jones refuted the backlash in the video’s caption, claiming the media and social media were overreacting to his comment.

He implied his childhood was pleasant and promoted his new music.

“My childhood was better than urs and I was raised to b a respectful young man by nothin but queens But carry on don’t forget to stream.”

Jim Jones promotes his mother’s book in response

Jim Jones took the opportunity to promote his mother’s book on Instagram.

His mother also responded to the backlash by promoting her son’s new song with The Migos but did not directly address the viral tongue kissing claim.

Jim Jones is best known as a Hip Hop artist with collective Dipset. He was also a supporting cast member in Love & Hip Hop: New York in three separate seasons and had his spin-off series, Chrissy & Mr. Jones, for two seasons.

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