Jillian Anderson talks about being ‘completely humiliated’ during her time on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor

Jillian Anderson from The Bachelor
The Bachelor Season 19 star Jillian Anderson opened up about how she felt “humiliated” filming Chris Soules’ season. Pic credit: @jilliealexis/Instagram

The Bachelor star Jillian Anderson recently vented about being humiliated on The Bachelor after producers recurringly censored her.

The Bachelor producers have been known to exaggerate the “big black censor box” for comedic effect.

During the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise, Kenny Braasch’s entire bottom half was censored and the producers tried to imply that he showed up naked.

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However, pictures from filming showed that Kenny wasn’t naked and was wearing a speedo.

Well, it seems this joke may have originated from Jillian’s days on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor.

The producers notoriously put a black censor box around her butt for nearly every scene she was in.

Jillian Anderson opens up about her humiliating censorship on The Bachelor

Jillian went on the She’s All Bach podcast to express that she didn’t find the joke very funny back then.

She shared that one of the producers called her ahead of the second episode to warn her about the joke.

“He was like, ‘Well, your butt’s a little big and sometimes things got a little cheeky, so we had to blur it out. Disney made us,’ which I don’t believe,” she claimed. “‘Instead of doing a little blur, we did a giant black bar, really over-exaggerated it,’ and I was just mortified. At that point, you are experiencing a level of humiliation that you thought you could be prepared for, but you really aren’t. I could tell you, I don’t think any contestant understands before going on how bad it’s actually going to be.”

She shared how much the recurring joke “humiliated” her.

“At some point shortly after, I was able to laugh about it when things started changing, but at that point, I was completely humiliated,” she explained. “I was so new into it that I was so overwhelmed by the posts and the talk and Jimmy Kimmel and The Soup and everyone making fun of me.”

She also adamantly claimed that she wasn’t wearing a “cheeky” or “thong bikini”– making her censoring a little more questionable than Kenny’s

“My butt was nice, but it wasn’t a scandalous bikini by any means. It was a normal one,” she added.

Fortunately, she got to get her frustration out when she appeared on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, where she threw the black box into the ocean.

How Jillian’s ex Chris Soules did after The Bachelor

Chris Soules was the lead during The Bachelor Season 19. In addition to Jillian, Chris dated many women who went on to be Bachelor Nation stars including Ashley Iaconetti.

He proposed to Whitney Bischoff but the pair broke things off shortly after.

In 2020, he turned to Bachelor Nation star Victoria Fuller from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

However, their quarantine relationship was short-lived. Chris said they had been trying to make things work but Victoria seems to have moved on.

Chris also appeared on Dancing With the Stars shortly after his season aired.

The Bachelor returns to ABC in January 2022.

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