Jill Duggar shares sweet gifts she received from Sierra Dominguez

Jill Duggar on Counting On
Jill Duggar shares some goodies she received from Duggar friend Sierra. Pic credit: TLC

Jill Duggar may be on the outs with some of her family members, but it seems that her friendship with Sierra Dominguez is still intact and flourishing.

The former reality TV star showed off some of the things she received from her friend. Sierra has her own shop and teaches classes, and sending a package to Jill was at the top of her list.

On her Instagram stories, the Duggar daughter gave followers a look at what she received from the party-planning genius. From a cute mug to some cool decals, there were plenty of things for everyone.

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What did Sierra Dominguez send Jill Duggar?

There were plenty of goodies on display in Jill Duggar’s Instagram stories. There were faith-based decals, one about supporting local farmers, a mug, and what appeared to be two notes from Sierra Dominguez.

She gushed over the sweet package and made sure to compliment her friend. Jill mentioned wanting to take a class Sierra runs with a friend while filming her Instagram story.

It was also mentioned that she was happy with all of the cool things, and she even showed off the shoebox everything came in.

Photos from Jill Duggar's Instagram story.
Pic credit: @jillmdillard/Instagram

Who did Jill have a falling out with?

It has been a tough few years for Jill Duggar when it comes to her family life. Things with Derick Dillard and their children are great, but things with her parents and siblings aren’t as stable.

The rift between Jill and her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, has been widely publicized. She and her husband have talked a lot about it on their YouTube channel, sharing details that shocked followers.

In response, Jim Bob and Michelle issued a statement that revealed they hoped to reconcile with Jill, and that they still love her. Some of her siblings have also backed off, but there are still a few family members who continue to have a relationship with her.

Sierra Dominguez has been a huge part of the Duggars’ successful events. She has planned many of them for the family, including Jill’s wedding, a gender reveal for Anna Duggar, and Jessa Duggar’s wedding. All of the events were special, and Sierra has appeared on camera with the family numerous times.

Having family and friends in your corner is important, and it looks like Sierra and Jill’s friendship was built to last.

Counting On is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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