Counting On friend reveals she wasn’t a virgin before marriage

Sierra in a Counting On confessional.
Sierra Jo Dominguez dropped a bombshell on Instagram. Pic credit: TLC

Sierra Jo Dominguez made a shocking confessional on her Instagram stories yesterday.

The Counting On friend and party planner revealed that she was not a virgin when she married her husband in 2008.

Typically, this would be a big deal for the Duggars. Given that Sierra has spent so much time with the family, it is unclear if this is new knowledge or something that has been discussed.

Shocking Instagram revelation from Sierra Jo Dominguez

During a question and answer session, Sierra Jo Dominguez invited her followers to share what they assume about her and she answered several of them on her Instagram stories.

The mother of seven shared a lot of information, but the most shocking thing was that she was not a virgin when she married Mark Dominguez in 2008.

That’s right! One of the Duggar family’s most trusted friends was not a virgin when she walked down the aisle. Her husband was, though.

She said, in part, “It’s one of the many things I admire about him, and one of the many things he never held against me.”

Mark was a customer at a video store where Sierra worked as a teenager. The two were friends for months before he finally admitted he was interested in her. They married on December 20, 2008.

Sierra Jo Dominguez's confession.
Pic credit: @sierrajodominguez/Instagram

How is Sierra Jo Dominquez involved with the Duggars?

Counting On viewers likely know who Sierra Jo Dominquez is based on the parties she has planned for the family.

From first birthdays to gender reveals, Sierra has helped the family a lot. She was a part of 19 Kids and Counting, and now, Counting On.

Joy-Anna Duggar asked Sierra to stand up in her wedding when she married Austin Forsyth in 2017.

Aside from that, she has planned events for Jessa Duggar and Anna Duggar as well. There were also likely consultations with some of the other weddings and showers.

She has spent a lot of time with the family. The Duggars are incredibly conservative and make it a point to vocalize being a virgin before marriage is imperative.

All of the Duggar girls and guys have reportedly been pure before marriage, but it was rumored that Jessa and Ben Seewald couldn’t wait any longer after tying the knot and had sex immediately following their vows.

The confession made about Sierra Jo Dominguez not being a virgin when she married her pastor husband, Mark Dominguez, was shocking.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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