Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Angelina Pivarnick says estranged husband Chris Larangeira ‘broke’ her

Angelina Pivarnick on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick. Pic credit: @angelinamtv/Instagram

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick has remained fairly quiet amid her divorce from Chris Larangeira.

While several sources have come forward alleging that Angelina was unfaithful to Chris with more than one person, Angelina maintains her innocence and continues to deny those accusations.

Chris has shared cryptic posts on his social media and even referenced Kanye West a few times as Angelina often refers to herself as “the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island.”

Chris made it seem as though he had some dirt to spill about Angelina after saying he was going to be “the Kanye West of Staten Island.” The comment made it seem like he may do what Kanye did with Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson and go on a social media rant.

Chris never did go on a rant, but Angelina has admitted that Chris was “bitter.” Angelina has shared that some of his actions amid their divorce “broke” her.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Angelina Pivarnick admits that Chris Larangeira ‘broke’ her amid their divorce

Despite her silence on the topic of her divorce, Angelina was very open with her followers on Twitter as the most recent episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation aired.

Several followers were sending love and support and making comments about things that had happened between her and Chris.

One fan wrote, “It seems like Chris really Loves [Angelina] and vice versa. I was rooting for them.”

Angelina responded to the comment and said, “Sorry we couldn’t make it work. I think he needs to find himself also. The fact he called my friends and told them lies to ruin s**t broke me to the core.”

Angelina says Chris "broke" her.
Angelina says Chris “broke” her. Pic credit: @angelinamtvjs/Twitter

Angelina elaborated more on why she was so hurt by Chris’ actions when a separate person shared that they had been “rooting for the couple.”

They added, “I feel for her. And I hope the roomies are there for her.”

Angelina responded, “Its been hard. All of it. Chris has been going to the media and my roomies. I don’t know why but I’ve been silent.”

Angelina opens up about Chris.
Angelina opens up about Chris. Pic credit:@angelinamtvjs/Twitter

Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick reacts to JWOWW and Lauren Sorrentino unfollowing her on social media

Amid all of the drama that has been reignited with her roommates, it seems as though JWOWW and Lauren Sorrentino have both unfollowed Angelina on social media.

It’s unknown at this time where Angelina stands with all of her roommates but it seems that things may not be completely resolved just yet.

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