Jennifer Williams or Tami Roman : Who is to blame for huge Basketball Wives drama?

Jennifer Williams and Tami Roman on Basketball Wives
Tami repeated a rumor that Jennifer told her and now there is huge drama on Basketball Wives

There’s no doubt that both Jennifer Williams and Tami Roman are drama queens but which one of them is to blame for the explosive drama we’ve been watching on Basketball Wives recently?

Last year, Jennifer told Tami a shocking rumor about Evelyn Lozada that threatens to destroy her friendship with Shaunie O’Neal. But it was Tami who sat on that drama egg and waited for the perfect time to serve it up in front of her co-stars.

To be clear, Evelyn swears she didn’t sleep with Shaunie’s ex but now that the claim has been made, the Basketball Wives EP is wondering if anyone can be trusted among her group of friends. With everyone pointing fingers and placing blame for the most shocking storyline in quite some time, we can’t help but ask who is to blame?

Evelyn is angry with Tami for bringing up the rumor in front of everyone during her retreat. She thinks Tami is trying to ruin her and will go to any length to do it.

However, some think Ev should be mad at Jennifer, who started planting these seeds last year in hopes that they would make their way back to the group without getting her hands dirty. In fact, it was revealed that Jennifer told Malaysia that Evelyn slept with Shaunie’s ex last year and it looks like her reasons for doing that were not pure.

When asked about why she told Malaysia or what she expected to come of it, Jennifer said that she was telling Malaysia so she could do whatever she wanted with the information. When Malaysia decided that she wanted to let that rumor die and not mention it to Shaunie or anyone else, Jennifer’s alleged plan was ruined.

In the meantime, Jennifer ended up leaning on Evelyn for support when she was dealing with relationship issues and ultimately sought a restraining order to keep her ex-boyfriend away. She clearly wasn’t giving any thought to the rumor that never took off until it resurfaced again by way of Tami at the retreat.

Tami made sure that Shaunie found out about the nasty rumor even after hinting about it during other scenes on Basketball Wives. It seems no one wanted to tell her what they heard because they knew it would send Shaunie over the edge… and it did!

It’s really not clear at this point if Jennifer made up the rumor about Evelyn sleeping with Shaunie’s ex or if she heard it from someone else. What we do know is that evidence in the form of text messages proves that Jennifer brought that mess to the group in the first place.

So who is to blame for bringing the drama to Basketball Wives? Clearly, Jennifer never should have spread something that could affect Evelyn and Shaunie like that, especially if it’s really not true. However, is anyone really questioning Tami Roman’s motive here?

If Tami really cared so much about Shaunie’s friendship, it seems like she probably shouldn’t have sat on the information for a year before dropping it on her with cameras rolling. We totally understand about getting ratings and all of that but sometimes lines get crossed and this is one of those times.

Basketball Wives airs on Sunday at 10/9c on VH1. 

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