Jenelle Evans posts ‘happy family’ picture post-reunion, fans not convinced

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans says everything is ok. Pic credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram.

Jenelle Evans may have her kids back after having them removed from her home temporarily, but fans aren’t convinced that Jenelle is mother-of-the-year material.

Some fans predicted Jenelle Evans might post “happy family” photos after the reunion, and those who predicted it was correct. For fans of Jenelle, they’ll know she has a history of trying to “prove the haters wrong” online so that she can show what a wonderful mother she is to her kids.

In this particular Instagram photo, Jenelle showed a picture of her three children, Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley, in the family pool with big grins on their faces.

She claimed it was from the Fourth of July and that she had forgotten to post it.

“She’s doing it for the clout!” one commenter accused Jenelle.

“Kids don’t got a choice where they live.get your crap together.cause when they get older. They will turn on you. They’re going to speak up as soon as they can. Maybe not now. But they will. Hey how you gonna support them now?” another chimed in.

Still, others asked why she’s not spoken up for her dog, whom her husband, David, reportedly killed in a fit of rage, which triggered the investigation in the first place.

Other fans, however, commended Jenelle for fighting for her kids. Still, Jenelle’s mother says she’s going to continue to fight for her grandchildren, so it remains to be seen if this situation is over or not.

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