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Jenelle Evans and Christy Clark battle it out: Clark asks for donations to get legal help

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans is fighting a follower over accusations. Pic credit: MTV

Jenelle Evans is trying to move on from Teen Mom 2, as she lost her job with MTV after her husband was accused of shooting and killing the family dog Nugget. While Jenelle and David were accused by the local police department of making up the story for publicity, both of them have denied it. But neither of them can provide answers as to where the dog is now.

While Jenelle and David have said little about the case since police wrapped up their investigation, fans of the Teen Mom 2 franchise aren’t ready to let Jenelle move on without consequences. As Monsters & Critics reported yesterday, Jenelle is claiming that people are trying to sabotage her efforts to start a business after losing her MTV income.

Jenelle revealed that Chrisy Clark was supposedly organizing smear campaigns against her, calling her out with a photo of Christy and her husband. Many fans are standing behind Christy, as they all want answers as to what happened with Nugget.

Clark has now started a GoFundMe campaign, where she’s raising money to cover her legal fees in relation to the case.

“Jenelle doxxed me to her millions of followers asking for them to “find me,” falsely accused me of accepting and stealing money, posted pics of my stepsons, threatened the safety of me and my family, posted an arrest record of someone else and claimed it was me, falsely accused me of lying about her, falsely accused me of leaving a false review of the venue she claimed to cancel and tons of other things causing me severe emotional distress,” Clark writes on GoFundMe, a campaign which has raised $420 of $5,000 at this point from 10 donations.

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“She needs to be held accountable and I need an attorney to follow through with it. The Columbus County magistrate also told me I will need to come to NC in person at some point so I will have to take off work and pay to get down there. I don’t want to ask for donations but it’s the only way I can afford to follow through and this woman needs to know that she can’t harass people and their families like this!”

“I’m also being told that she is suing me for a bunch of stuff I absolutely have not done and I will need attorney fees for that as well. She has gone too far with this. I don’t want to ask for help but if you have anything extra to give, I’d appreciate with all my heart and, if not, I understand COMPLETELY!” Clark continues, revealing that she will share updates every step of the way.

Jenelle Evans no longer has her MTV income, so it’s possible she doesn’t want to spend her money on legal issues either. While she does have some followers who are willing to support her, it’s possible this GoFundMe campaign will allow viewers to have their say in how they feel about the entire dog situation.

Teen Mom 2 premieres Tuesday, September 10 at 8/7c on MTV.

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