Jason Duggar joins Instagram — Is a courting announcement coming?

Joe and Jason Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Joe and Jason Duggar are close, which helps followers to believe Jason may be courting Kendra’s sister. Pic credit: TLC

Jason Duggar has joined several of his siblings on social media. The new account has only been live for a day or so, but it appears to be legit.

The list of who the account is following is filled with the Duggar siblings and their spouses. At the time of writing this, only Jedidiah Duggar has followed the account back.

Why would Jason Duggar join Instagram?

Adding a social media account is usually a hint that a courting announcement is coming. Jason Duggar has been linked to Lauren Caldwell on and off for over a year. She is the younger sister of Kendra Caldwell, who is married to Joseph Duggar.

With no other courting options being discussed among the other siblings, it looks like Jason may be the next one to walk down the aisle. It has been over a year since there has been a Duggar wedding on Counting On, and the pressure is on.

There is also a possibility that Jason Duggar joined the social media platform to promote his construction business. That is listed on his profile and he follows the company as well. The Duggar boys are all very handy, and it looks like Jason has taken the initiative to run his own business and use the skills acquired.

Jason Duggar's Instagram page.
Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

What has Jason Duggar been up to?

A new season of Counting On begins next week. It wasn’t clear in the trailer if Jason Duggar will play a huge role in the season, but if he begins courting, it will be a part of it.

Typically, courting announcements come ahead of the season or near the end to hype up viewers. This will keep the fans’ interest to almost ensure an order for more episodes.

He has been featured throughout the show alongside his siblings. Jason isn’t one to draw a ton of attention to himself so the fact that he joined Instagram is a big deal. There is something brewing, but no one can pinpoint just what it is yet.

From courting rumors to a business endeavor, Jason Duggar is keeping himself busy. He is often spotted in family photos shared on social media and has a unique bond with sister Jana Duggar.

In the coming weeks, all should be revealed. Is Jason courting, or is he working on building a social media presence for the company he has?

Counting On returns Tuesday, July 7 at 8/7c on TLC.

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