Janelle Brown thanks her sister wives for what they’ve taught her in a Mother’s Day appreciation post

Janelle Brown with Meri, Christine and Robyn Brown of Sister Wives
Janelle Brown included her sister wives in a Mother’s Day post, and listed what each of them has taught her. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown shared a sweet Mother’s Day post, honoring her late mother, Sheryl, and her daughter, Madison, and was even sure to include her sister wives, Meri, Christine, and Robyn, and shared what each of them has taught her.

The 52-year-old mother of six shared a pic of herself alongside her late mother, her daughter Madison, and her granddaughter, Evie.

Janelle captioned her pic, “Happy Mother’s Day! To my mom. I miss you everyday but especially days like today when I once again realize I can never just call you again. Thank you for raising me to be fiercely independent.”

“P.S. Your pup Jack is doing great. I always want to take a picture of something silly he is doing to send to you, and then I realize …. To @madison_rose11 who I think may be a better mom than I was. You really shine in the role of “mom.””

Janelle mentioned Meri for teaching her the ‘value of being industrious’ and also thanked her late mom, Bonnie

“Not pictured: @therealmeribrown who taught me the value of being industrious – and to your mom, Grandma Bonnie, who taught me very important child rearing lessons like ‘pick your battles’ among many others.”

Christine taught Janelle how to ‘have fun,’ and ‘goof off’

“To @christine_brownsw who taught me how nice it is to just have fun with your kids. Goof off, go on adventures and have movie nights. And to your mom, Grandma Annie, whom I think might secretly be a version of myself in another universe.”

Janelle said that Robyn taught her how to ‘tune into’ her kids and to ‘listen without judgment’

“To @robyn_browns_nest who taught me what it was to really tune into my kids. Ask questions. Listen without judgment and be fierce with your protection. And to your mom, Grandma Alice, who has such a dry quick wit I always have to stay on my toes to keep up.”

Janelle even thanked Kody’s mom, Genielle, in her Mother’s Day post

“And finally to Kody’s mom Grandma Genielle. Thank you for raising 10 amazing children, my husband among them. Your charisma, charm and dedication softened up the old cowboy that was Kody’s dad. Your children call you blessed.”

Kody’s four wives don’t often address each other in their social media posts, so it’s promising to see that Janelle took the time to publicly acknowledge her sister wives.

The status of the Brown family is still up in the air after viewers watched them grow apart this season

This season on the show, it seemed as though the family was coming to an end, each of the four wives going in their own directions with their kids. Tensions rose as viewers watched Kody and Meri’s marriage troubles take center stage.

Janelle, who is often labeled as the most responsible of Kody’s wives, even lost her cool, and she and Kody got into a couple of tiffs. But she has since been sharing more posts of herself and Kody, which is typically out of character for her.

Last month, Janelle shared pics of herself and Kody when they took a day trip in their convertible, and she shared another pic of Kody peeling logs on their property.

Since the end of this season on the show, most of the wives have been relatively quiet on social media as far as their family’s condition stands. Meri continues to hold Fridays with Friends on Instagram, Christine has shared trips without Kody to visit her kids and new granddaughter, and Robyn has been silent, as well as Kody.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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