Jana Duggar shows off tiny waist in cute spring dress

Jana Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jana Duggar shared a photo on Easter showing off her tiny waist. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar showed off her tiny waist in a dress when she shared an Easter photo. The Counting On star was dressed modestly but had a perfectly placed belt to accent her body.

The eldest Duggar daughter is the only adult female in the family who has yet to court and marry. Her twin, John-David Duggar, got married and welcomed his first child earlier this year. Jana Duggar remains single and rarely posts full-body photos that show off her figure.

Showing off what her mama gave her

As far as modesty goes, the Duggar women all have varying opinions on what they should and should not wear. Jana Duggar still follows the strict guidelines her parents set up for the family. Her other sisters have changed their looks since getting married and having children, but Jessa Duggar is the one who has the most similar style.

Easter is usually a big day for the Duggar family. This year, though, things were different. Jana Duggar took to social media to share her favorite hymn and posted a photo of herself along with the words. She looked beautiful and the belt she chose to go with her spring dress accentuated it perfectly.

Being modest is something Jana Duggar holds onto tightly. Most of her photos share her choices in fashion, most of which line up with what the girls have worn since their television debut. From skirts that fall below the knee to dresses that cover her whole body, Jana is not the fashionista that some of her sisters are.

What has Jana Duggar been up to while in quarantine?

With Counting On on production shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jana Duggar has been keeping herself busy and staying off social media. She shared some photos of her efforts to help the victims of the Jonesboro tornado.

Aside from helping where needed, Jana Duggar has been busy in the garden. She has shared some of her drawings as well. There hasn’t been much shared on social media, which likely means she is enjoying the break that comes along with not filming.

Followers have been wondering when Jana Duggar will court and find the man who will be her husband. She has mentioned several times that she hasn’t found the right one yet, so she remains at home with her mom, dad, and younger siblings.

Counting On is currently on hiatus but is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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