Jamie Otis shares a heartfelt message on her angel baby’s birthday

Jamie Otis sits in a chair and holds a notecard while smiling
Jamie Otis stays positive while remembering her precious son. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jamie Otis is a proud mother of three, including her precious first son, Jonathan who unfortunately passed as a newborn in 2016. Jamie recently celebrated her angel baby and wished him a happy birthday since he would have been 5-years-old this year. 

Not only is Jamie vulnerably outspoken about body positivity and her physical insecurities, she’s also an advocate for mothers who have trouble conceiving and she used her most recent post to raise pregnancy loss awareness. 

Jamie Otis gets candid about her past decisions 

In Jamie’s post, she showcased a sincere photo of her crying as she held her baby, with Doug by her side in the hospital. Jamie credits Jonathan for making her a mom and continued to honor the vow she made to him to never let him be forgotten through her caption. 

Always vulnerable and candid, Jamie also opened up about her difficult path with pregnancies in the past and the personal fears and shames she’s had to overcome. 

With her marriage constantly in the spotlight, Jamie has had to go public about a few of her miscarriages in the past and her struggle to conceive. While each pregnancy loss was devastating, Jamie shared that losing Jonathan tore her world apart because she birthed him and was able to briefly hold him before having to say goodbye. 

Jamie was extremely honest when she admitted that she felt like she failed her son, and she expressed wondering if losing him was potentially karma for her past decisions. 

Jamie grew up in poverty with a mother who suffered from a drug addiction that forced Jamie to be a caretaker for her siblings at a young age. 

As a teen, Jamie became pregnant and made the difficult decision to have an abortion, believing that she had no other choice due to her limiting circumstances. 

Jamie also revealed that she ended up getting an abortion twice and shared that she never talks about this part of her life because she was embarrassed and felt it was a sign of her lack of responsibility. Jamie noted, “No one who has an abortion is proud of it.” 

Jamie is committed to honoring her son’s life 

Jamie gave followers insight into what she told her baby, Jonathan, during the deeply sad yet heartfelt moment when she got to hold him before he was taken away. 

She shared that she repeatedly whispered to him, “Mommy’s so sorry” and promised to dedicate her life to honoring him and their family, as she and Doug hope to expand their family with another baby soon.

Jamie concluded her message by wishing her son a happy heavenly birthday and expressed that she loves him so much and continues to feel immensely grateful to be Jonathan’s mother. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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