James Duggar shows off wedding photos, reveals Abbie Grace Burnett was in wedding party

James and Justin Duggar on Counting On.
James Duggar shared snaps from Justin Duggar’s wedding. Pic credit: TLC

James Duggar shared some behind-the-scenes photos from Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey’s February wedding

He took to Instagram to share three new snaps, which gave some hints about what happened at the wedding. 

Currently, Counting On fans only know when the wedding happened, who attended (including Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard) and saw a brief video compilation of the bride and the groom. 

What did James Duggar’s photos reveal? 

Obviously, James Duggar stood up beside his brother as he took the biggest step in life so far. Jason Duggar was also part of the wedding party. 

One of the most surprising revelations was that Abbie Grace Burnett was a part of the wedding party. The middle photo shows James, Jason, Abbie, and Claire’s mom and aunt in their wedding attire. Obviously, one male was missing, who was likely Claire’s brother. 

Seeing Abbie all dolled up was sweet. It also explains why she and John-David Duggar were at the engagement party in Texas following Justin’s birthday. It looks like she and Claire may have developed a friendship, which may play out in the upcoming season of the show. 

There have been questions about the venue and the restrictions that were adhered to, but it appears that it was a typical wedding without many of the precautions. Jill and Derick were spotted with masks on, but until the rest of the photos are made available, it is unclear how many people did the same. 

What has James been up to? 

Like his brothers, James has been busy working and building things. He has been partnering with his siblings during renovations and other projects. James has a close-knit bond with several of the other Duggar boys. 

There have been rumors he was involved with Lauren Caldwell. He was spotted hanging out with Joseph Duggar and the Caldwell family last summer, shortly before Kendra Caldwell announced she was expecting her third child. 

Now, his older twin brothers have both been linked to Lauren, which has caused a lot of confusion. James Duggar appears to be focused on his career and moving toward being financially stable. 

Though a courtship for James isn’t totally out of the question, especially since he joined Instagram, it looks like he will be standing up in another wedding before he becomes the groom. 

James was there for Justin Duggar on his big day and those moments are things they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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