James Duggar joins Instagram: Is the Counting On star courting?

Jason and James Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
James Duggar has joined his siblings on Instagram. Pic credit: TLC

Another Duggar courtship may be on the horizon.

That’s right, James Duggar has joined his siblings and is officially on Instagram.

While his account doesn’t necessarily mean he is courting, it is one of the major signs associated with Duggars joining the social media platform.

Is James Duggar courting?

As of now, no one has been linked to James Duggar publicly. There was some heavy speculation that he would be announcing a courtship with Kendra Caldwell’s sister, Lauren, but that was debunked when she announced an engagement to a young man who is not a part of the Duggar family.

He also hasn’t been spotted out with any woman in particular at this point. However, if he is courting, it is a better-kept secret than his brother, Justin’s courtship was. That cover was blown earlier this year when internet sleuths uncovered an alias he was using and placed him with Claire Spivey ahead of their announcement.

Right now, James Duggar’s Instagram is followed by 386 people and the 19-year-old only follows 35 accounts. It’s also worth noting that there aren’t any photos uploaded to the account either. With no blue verification checkmark, some fans may be suspicious, but the account is followed by Jana Duggar, her friend Laura DeMasie, and the main Duggar account.

What is James Duggar up to?

James Duggar is one of the younger adult siblings. He has been working with his brothers on renovations and home remodels, even teaming up with Jana Duggar at one point.

He has been featured in several Instagram posts on his siblings’ accounts, including Jana and Jason Duggar. Both of them follow him, which is interesting.

Perhaps he made the account to showcase some of the projects they have done while seeking work? Potential clients do like to see before and after photos, and what better way to draw attention to oneself than by using social media?

With Counting On currently on hiatus, there is no way to officially determine if a courting message is coming, or if Jason Duggar was joining the social media platform because he felt like it was time.

Several of his siblings who have accounts aren’t in a relationship. Jedidiah, Jana, and Jason Duggar are all unattached but fairly active on the social media platform. They use it for political issues, to show off projects, and to share photos taken with friends or other family members.

It will be interesting to see if James Duggar does make a courting announcement, and if so, who the lucky woman will be.

Counting On is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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