Is this the end for Ben Robinson and Kate Chastain on Below Deck?

Ben and Kate reveal their true feelings on the Season 4 finale of Below Deck. Will this season be their last?
Ben and Kate reveal their true feelings on the finale of Below Deck. Will this season be their last?

Is tonight’s Season 4 finale of Below Deck the end of the road for chef Ben Robinson and Kate Chastain? Will they ever work together, or feature on Below Deck together, again?

Judging by the massive fall out that they have on the crew’s end-of-season night out, things aren’t looking good for the future between this pair. Could this be the last time we ever see them together on the show?

The former lovers have it out after the alcohol starts flowing as they sit alone in the bar, and Ben quickly cuts to the chase with how he’s feeling, saying: “I don’t like working with you anymore. We’re better off with friends, that’s it.”

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And it seems the feeling’s mutual, with Kate hitting back: “I don’t like working with you that much either.” She then has a moment of realisation and tells him: “I don’t care how you feel.”

The expletives start spilling out of Ben’s mouth as he replies: “Good, because I don’t give a f**k either.”

Kate is fuming as she recalls the conversation in an interview with producers, making baffled faces and saying: “I think the booze is talking, I think Ben’s talking, and I’m tired of hearing all of it.”

Emily Warburton-Adams has just had a go at Ben, questioning his relationship with Kate.

Ben tells Kate: “I’m p***ed off that Ems [Emily] just came and f***ing completely grilled me about our relationship.”

But Kate can’t take Ben’s attitude any more, and stands up before walking off. She says: “You know, I don’t even like being around you. That was so rude, I cannot even handle it.”

She adds in a confessional: “Ben is so self-destructive it’s embarrassing.”

So is that the end of the Ben-and-Kate story that has captivated Below Deck viewers since they first served together under Capt. Lee on Season 2 of the Bravo show back in 2014?

Is it the end of their friendship, let alone their working relationship?

It could well be…

The Below Deck Season 4 finale also sees Ashley receive an attractive offer, and Kate is also on the warpath with Nico Scholly and Lauren Burchell for assuming she had ratted to Captain Lee Rosbach about the damage to one of the bathrooms earlier in the season.

And after giving Emily Warburton-Adams and Sierra Storm ‘resting bitch face code red’ last week, Kate says: “They have given me no option but to give them ‘bitch face code black’.”

The Below Deck Season 4 finale airs tonight, December 6, on Bravo.

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