Is Rachael Kirkconnell Hispanic? The Bachelor viewers weigh in after meeting her dad during hometown dates

Fans wonder about Rachael's ethnicity amid the controversy surrounding her.
Fans wonder about Rachael’s ethnicity amid the controversy surrounding her. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor most recently featured Matt James’ hometown dates. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Matt couldn’t travel to these women’s hometowns as he usually would, so instead their families came to him.

The one family introduction that got viewers talking was Racheal Kirkconnell’s. She has become a controversial figure on the show after pictures of her attending an Antebellum-themed slave party surfaced on the Internet.

However, after seeing Rachael’s dad, Darrell Kirkconnell, on TV for the first time, viewers are wondering if Rachel is multiracial.

Fans weighed in and are wondering if her father is Hispanic.

“Can someone correct me if I’m wrong but Rachael’s dad looks Hispanic,” one user wrote.

One fan asks if Darrell is Hispanic.
One fan asks if Darrell is Hispanic. Pic credit: @Housewifehudson/Twitter

“THE WAY I KNEW RACHAEL HAD TO BE SOME SORT OF POC her Dad literally looks Latino someone figure this out please,” another begged.

A fan wonders if Darrell is Hispanic.
A fan wonders if Darrell is Hispanic. Pic credit: @LilyMSantiago/Twitter

Other fans are more certain he is Hispanic.

“Sooooo Rachael’s dad is DEFINITELY Hispanic…which means she’s technically POC…which makes this whole #TheBachelor racism drama even more complex,” one fan account tweeted. Another added that he could be East Indian.

One wonders how Darrell's ethnicity affects the controversy.
One wonders how Darrell’s ethnicity affects the controversy. Pic credit: @champgains/Twitter

“As a Latina I can confirm that Rachel’s father is Hispanic….yes or yes?” One viewer stated confidently.

Is Darrell Kirkconnell Hispanic?

After a thorough Internet search, the most we’ve found on his ethnicity was that it was marked unknown.

While the origins of the last name Kirkconnell are Scottish, it’s possible that Darrell’s mother, Rachael’s grandmother, is Hispanic which would possibly leave Rachael as one-quarter Hispanic at most.

Additionally, it’s possible their last name was changed along the way and Darrell could be fully Hispanic– or not at all.

Regardless, viewers have expressed that her ethnicity does not dismiss the racist actions that have surfaced and she has since apologized for.

Rachael has apologized for her racist behavior

Rachael didn’t immediately release a statement on the racist controversy that was brewing, which lead to Chris Harrison’s demise as he defended her actions.

However, when she did finally issue her apology, she did not try to defend herself and instead took ownership of her wrongdoings.

Matt James has also spoken out on the matter and revealed that he learned about these aspects of Rachael’s past at the same time that the public did.

He has also condemned Chris Harrison for the way he spoke to Rachel Lindsay during their Extra interview and has stated that he fully supports Rachel’s notion.

Since the interview, Chris has temporarily stepped from his hosting duties with the franchise.

The women of color from Matt’s season also compiled a joint statement on the matter.

With Rachael as a strong frontrunner and rumors surrounding her that she won the series, viewers will have to wait and see how all the controversy plays out on After the Final Rose.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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