Is Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Vinny Guadagnino dating someone new? Here’s why fans think so

Vinny Guadagnino on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Jersey Shore fans think Vinny Guadagnino is hinting that he’s in a new relationship. Pic credit: MTV

Vinny Guadagnino is one of the last cast members of Jersey Shore Family Vacation to remain single.

He is joined by a soon-to-be single Angelina Pivarnick, whose husband Chris Larangeira recently filed for divorce.

While at one point, fans thought Angelina and Vinny might have a secret love connection with each other, Vinny recently squashed those rumors and insisted that he feels no romantic connection toward her.

Vinny has tried his luck with finding the right woman for him as he appeared on three seasons of Double Shot at Love. Unfortunately, he did not have the same success as his best friend Pauly DelVecchio did.

After Season 3, he walked away from the show with Akielia “AK” Rucker, but things didn’t work out for them outside of the show.

Recently, however, Vinny shared a post to social media that got fans thinking he might have been dropping hints that he is off the market.

Is Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino dating someone new?

Vinny is pretty private about his dating life and doesn’t openly share much about what’s going on.

The majority of his social media pages consist of pictures of him solo in various settings.

His recent Instagram story caught fans’ eyes as they thought he might be hinting at a new romantic connection.

He shared a photo of a conversation in which a person asked, “At what point do you post relationship pics? Asking for a friend.”

A person replied, “When the wedding photos come back from the photographer.”

A Reddit user shared the post and asked, “Do you think Vinny is giving us a hint?”

They then speculated that his post could be a “hint that he’s dating someone or him just posting a random post.”

Fans question if Vinny is dating someone. Pic credit: @u/wonderlust_525/Reddit

A separate commenter wondered if it was Vinny’s way of telling people that they’ll “never get a relationship confirmation until he says I do..”

Fans question if Vinny is dating someone. Pic credit: @u/wonderlust_525/Reddit

Another person thought Vinny was telling fans that they won’t see pictures of his significant other “until they’re 100% serious.”

Fans question if Vinny is dating someone. Pic credit: @u/wonderlust_525/Reddit

Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino returns to Chippendales for his third residency

Whether or not Vinny was hinting at a new relationship or just sharing an image, he found comical remains to be seen.

He’s currently spending his time in Las Vegas as he takes part in his third residency as a host at Chippendales.

He shared some steamy promotions for his latest stint and appears to be enjoying himself and the attention he’s getting from show-goers.

Fans should stay tuned to see if Vinny drops any possible hints about a new woman in his life.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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