Is Alina doing the right thing by trying to trap Steven in a flirtatious conversation with her friend Masha?

Alina and Steven
Alina’s choice to involve her friend in trying to catch Steven talking to other women flirtatiously is questionable. Pic credit: TLC

Alina might be in for more than she bargained for with Steven on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. The 20-year-old Russian beauty hatched a plan with her friend Masha to try and trap Steven in a flirtatious conversation to prove that he is untrustworthy.

In the latest episode, Alina found out from Masha that Steven did reply and even went so far as to extend an invitation to visit America.

The plan to catch Steven being unfaithful comes as Steven made shocking admissions to Alina that he went on dates with other girls while Alina thought they were exclusive and that he not only kissed but also had sex with some of them.

Alina’s move to trap Steven may give her the answers she wants about his character, but the shady nature of the trap may prove to be a bad reflection on Alina too.

Alina’s plot to catch Steven Johnston being flirtatious with her friend may not be a wise idea

Now that Alina knows the full scope of Steven’s past with other women, she still has him on the hook for talking to her friend Masha. She asked her friend to continue the messaging after Steven invited her to America.

Alina may find out more than she wants to know if she continues the trap. However, it is also possible that Steven will back off from Masha.

Alina took more control by telling Steven to delete his social media, which he reluctantly obliged. This means Steven won’t have access to message Masha back, but he may get back on to social media against Alina’s wishes.

Alina talking to Steven
Alina learned more than she thought she was going to when Steven told her about being with other women while she thought they were exclusive. Pic credit: TLC

Alina thought Steven Johnston was exclusive with her but he was actually sleeping with other women

Alina has remained a virgin and Steven said that she needs to be pure in order to become baptized meanwhile he has broken the Mormon pillar of chastity.

Alina and her mom met with Steven and his mom in Europe and it was after that meeting that Alina thought they were exclusive. Steven and Alina talked every day after that and talked about their plans to marry and have children, which is why Alina had the impression they were exclusive.

But it was at this time that Steven was taking other women on dates and ended up having sexual relations with some of them.

The Other Way viewers will have to keep watching to find out how Alina will process Steven’s admission.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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