I visited Sur, Pump & TomTom from Vanderpump Rules: Which one was the best?

Review of Pump and TomTom from Vanderpump Rules
I visited Pump, Sur, and TomTom. Pic credit: Lauren Novak

Spoiler alert: I’m a huge fan of Vanderpump Rules. I’ve been watching it since its inception in 2013. Naturally, when I planned a trip to California in 2018 I wanted to visit Sur. During another trip in 2019, I was able to visit Pump and TomTom.

I highly recommend if you plan to visit, go earlier if you do not want to wait. My husband and I got dinner at both Sur and Pump. We went around 5 p.m. both times. The restaurants were pretty empty then, so we got great service.

Unfortunately, they were not filming Vanderpump Rules when we went so I did not get any photos with my favorite reality stars. This is my only regret! I still really enjoyed the experience of actually being at places I normally see only on television.

My unexpected favorite was Pump

My favorite was Pump, which doesn’t get as much airtime on Vanderpump Rules. Pump is beautiful, with a garden area filled with trees and flowers. Every restaurant truly has Lisa Vanderpump’s touches of pink, sparkles, and flowers.

At Pump, I got salmon and vegetables. My husband got a burger and fries. Both were delicious. We ordered drinks and I must say they were very strong at all three restaurants! The pricing for both food and drinks weren’t too bad, considering California’s prices.

I got a pasta dish at Sur and I remember it wasn’t anything special. However, I did order Lisa’s signature drink there. It is called The Big Pinky and loved it. The vibe at Sur is much darker, more mysterious. The bar looks just as it does on television, with the iconic chandeliers.

salmon and burger dinners at Pump Vanderpump Rules
Dinners at Pump. Pic credit: Lauren Novak

TomTom was very fun and served up strong, unique drinks

After dinner at Pump, we embarked on the short walk to the newest restaurant, TomTom. I was very excited to see it because Tom Schwartz is my favorite! We arrived just before 7 p.m. and it still wasn’t that crowded.

Vanderpump Rules Sur
Having dinner at Sur. Pic credit: Lauren Novak

We decided to sit at the bar and order drinks. I got the Kentucky Muffin (obviously named for Brittany) drink, while my husband tried the Tom Fashioned. Both were excellent and again… very strong.

drinks at TomTom from Vanderpump Rules
Our drinks at TomTom. Pic credit: Lauren Novak

Last season showed the building of TomTom. Tom Sandoval wanted to make the menu full of drinks that you couldn’t find anywhere else. I’d say they accomplished that goal.

TomTom Vanderpump Rules bar
Inside of TomTom from Vanderpump Rule. Pic credit: Lauren Novak

Of course, we had to get a photo in front of the photo of Tom and Tom kissing! I was very impressed with the unique look of TomTom. The entire place is filled with moving gears and has a very industrial look.

I’d have to say in terms of service, food and drinks, and overall vibe I liked Pump the most, then TomTom, and then Sur.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays evening at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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