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How Taylor Mock made the decision to propose to Tia Booth on Bachelor Live on Stage

Tia Booth
What made Taylor Mock choose Bachelor Live on Stage to propose? Pic credit: ABC

It looks like Bachelor Nation alum, Tia Booth, is finally getting her happily ever after, following her relationships with Arie Luyendyk, Jr., Colton Underwood, and Aaron Clancy.

After just getting engaged to her boyfriend, Taylor Mock, on stage in front of thousands of people at the Bachelor Live on Stage tour, Tia looked not only shocked but so, so happy.

Now her fiancé, Taylor, joined co-hosts Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker, on the podcast that Tia also usually helps host, Click Bait with Bachelor Nation.

The couple had moved in together a few months ago and had started to discuss the possibility of getting engaged soon, but Tia had no idea it was coming when it did.

Taylor Mock talks about his decision to propose to Tia Booth live on stage

He told Natasha and Joe, “Once I got the ring, I knew there was no way I was lasting six months. I was literally going to propose after we ordered Chipotle, like, literally put the bag down and get down on one knee.”

But then he decided against it, and with the help of Becca Kufrin and Tia’s mom, he

Originally, Taylor was going to wait about four months and propose in Nashville on a rooftop, but Becca found out about the ring. She called Taylor and wondered if he’d want to do it live during the Atlanta BLOS show.

After talking to Tia’s mom, she had just given Taylor one request, and that “was to surprise Tia. She’s never surprised. She ruined her own surprise birthday party at 14 years old. But I fooled her! We were already planning on going to the BLOS show, and I knew she would be fully ready with her nails done and in a dress. I called her mom and her mom said, ‘Hell, yeah!’”

Taylor talks about the ring he got for Tia

As the duo has been dating for nine months, they have known each other for longer than a year. When Taylor asked Tia in a conversation what type of ring she would want, hypothetically, she sent him a photo.

Not wasting any time, Taylor immediately took it to a jeweler to be made. While on the podcast, he shared his story of getting the ring and the process of it all.

Taylor stated, “I only got the ring two weeks ago. It was burning a hole in my pocket pretty quick. Initially I got pricing and everything for it and told the jeweler it was going to be around a six-month process. But I saw the center stone and loved it. The jeweler said she didn’t know when they’d have a stone like that again and I wanted that one, so I pulled the trigger, and then it was only two weeks until I had the ring.”

Since the two lived together, it was hard to keep it a secret and have it in a place where Tia wouldn’t see it or look. Thus, Taylor said because it was always just there in the house, it was hard not to just do it.

When asked, Tia said she was truly, 100 percent astonished and had never imagined that Taylor would propose that night. Congratulations to Taylor and Tia on their engagement — Bachelor Nation fans can’t wait to hear more about your future plans! For more of this episode with Taylor Mock, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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