How much do Teen Mom 2 stars make for being on the show?

Leah, Jade, and Kailyn from Teen Mom 2
Leah Messer, Jade Cline, and Kailyn Lowry star on Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

The Teen Mom 2 cast has been around for quite some time.

While the members have changed a bit, three of the original girls remain on the air currently.

Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, and Chelsea Houska were all a part of the series from the beginning. This will be the last season for Chelsea, who has chosen to walk away and announced her exit just a few weeks ago.

Jade Cline and Briana DeJesus came in later, so they aren’t making nearly as much money as the other women.

How much do the Teen Mom 2 stars make?

It is hard to pinpoint exactly who makes what from the show, but estimates are possible.

Given that Leah, Kailyn, and Chelsea have been around the longest, it is likely they are raking in between $400,00 and $500,000 per season. That seems like a pretty hefty paycheck all things considered, but there is much more to filming than just showing up and being on camera.

As far as Jade and Briana go, they make significantly less than their castmates. The fact that she earned less was initially shared back in 2017 when Briana DeJesus first joined the Teen Mom 2 cast.

Currently, it looks like Briana DeJesus may be making somewhere around $100,000 for her appearance on the show. Jade Cline is likely making a little less, but they are pretty close to raking in the same amount of cash, which is less than those who have been on Teen Mom 2 for a decade.

According to The Sun, these estimates are close given what each star has listed as their net worth.

Not only are the women paid for their appearances, but there are also perks that go along with it. From comped hotel stays or flights to free products, these women have been given a lot of opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise been made available.

Why are the Teen Mom 2 salaries relevant?

After watching the show, Teen Mom 2 viewers likely want to know how the girls can afford the houses they have and the traveling they do.

In fact, one big controversy recently has been Briana DeJesus and how much she is paid. Her baby daddy, Devoin Austin, went off on her on social media, revealing their private text exchanges and her phone number.

She has been seen pleading with him and her other baby daddy, Luis Hernandez, for help with her daughters. It appears the men feel like the money she earns from Teen Mom 2 is enough and that they shouldn’t have to pay anything to help support the children they created.

This isn’t the first time the Teen Mom 2 salaries have come into play for a conflict between the parents, and it likely won’t be the last.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.