Here’s why The Bachelor fans think Matt James just announced Rachael Kirkconnell’s pregnancy

Matt James
Did Matt James just reveal a pregnancy? Pic credit: ABC

Matt James made history in the Bachelor franchise for two reasons. One, he was the first Black lead, and two, he never appeared on the show before being chosen as the lead.

As The Bachelor, he chose Rachael Kirkconnell as his winner, and despite breaking up while the show aired, the two were able to work it out.

While Bachelor Nation has wondered if Matt and his best buddy, Tyler Cameron, are still as close as ever, both men have spoken out.

Matt stated that Tyler and Rachael have a love-hate relationship. While Tyler said their opinions might differ at times, he is happy for his friend, too.

Now the couple seems as strong as ever and more in love than ever.

In fact, Bachelor fans are wondering not only if the duo will be the next franchise couple to get engaged but if they have gone a step further already.

Bachelor Nation fans wonder if Matt James just announced Rachael Kirkconnell’s pregnancy

In a recent video on Instagram that Matt did for Nissan, he could be seen running down the stairs of a house, looking at his watch.

He talked about how he tends to overcommit to things as he got into his Nissan car and ran errands for the day.

Toward the end of the video, Matt could be seen putting a red car seat in the back of the Nissan and heard saying, “I count on my Nissan Altima to get me where I need to go, so that when this day comes…that’s right, it’s coming. We’ll have enough room for the entire basketball team.”

Matt was nodding and smiling the whole time as he inserted the baby seat and attached it to fit in the car.

This had fans talking about whether he was subtly hinting at the fact that he and Rachael could possibly be expecting a new little one themselves.

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell’s relationship

The trio of Matt, Rachael, and Tyler have been talked about quite a bit lately, as Bachelor Nation fans want to know if there is trouble between the bromance.

While Tyler has shared that he and Rachael sometimes clash, it’s not because he doesn’t like her but because she has strong opinions like him.

He also relayed that he supports the relationship between his buddy, Matt, and Rachael, because they love each other and make each other happy.

Now viewers will sit back and watch whether Tyler will be in the couple’s wedding when that time comes or possibly a stand-in uncle if the video and fan speculation is correct.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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