Bachelor Nation fans debate on which couple will be the next to get engaged

Hannah Brown & Adam Woolard
Fans discuss which Bachelor Nation couple will be engaged next. Pic credit: @hannahbrown/Instagram

While there have been many Bachelor alums who have gotten engaged and/or married lately, many more are still just dating.

Two Bachelor in Paradise couples have yet to get engaged: Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes from Season 6 and Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer from Season 7.

Another couple from Season 25 of The Bachelor, Matt James and his winner, Rachael Kirkconnell, are still together and seem to be happier than ever.

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This took some time, however, as the duo did take some time apart during the show’s airing because of Rachael’s racially insensitive past.

The last couple fans are wondering about are Hannah Brown and her non-Bachelor Nation boyfriend, Adam Woolard.

Bachelor Nation fans are now debating on which of these couples will be the next in line to get engaged.

Bachelor fans discuss who they think will get engaged next

The first group of viewers’ on the @bachelordirttt Instagram page had a majority of answers that included Hannah and Adam as their choice for who would first propose and accept.

They wrote, “Hannah and Adam. [two red hearts],” “Hannah,” and another not only guessed Hannah, but also thought Noah and Abigail as well.

Two others guessed “Matt and Rachel,” and “Rachel & Matt,” respectively.

Viewers think Hannah and Adam are the most likely to get engaged next.
Pic credit: @bachelordirttt/Instagram

The next group of responses was pretty split between Hannah and Adam and Noah and Abigail, along with one comment about Matt and Rachael.

The first woman wrote, “Hannah and Adam. I wonder what’s taking them so long They seem so much in love!”

Another declared, “Hannah definitely. I could see Matt and Rachel be together forever and never get married.”

Three others posted, “Noah abi [red heart emoji],” “Noah n abby,” and “Noah and Abigail.”

More fans are split between Hannah and Adam and Abigail and Noah.
Pic credit: @bachelordirttt/Instagram

The history of the couples in the Bachelor franchise

Hannah Brown was a fan favorite on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, thus landing her a spot on the following season of The Bachelorette.

However, she ended up choosing Jed Wyatt, who she later found out was in it to further his music career and was romantically involved with somebody back home.

Although Noah and Abigail left Paradise not engaged, they are still one of the couples that have remained together since that season.

Dean and Caelynn have been in the spotlight for various reasons including their van life updates, the fact that they defied the odds of staying together, and how Dean isn’t sure he wants to propose.

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell have surpassed some odds themselves but seem to be more in love than ever these days.

Although there have been some rumors that Matt James and Tyler Cameron’s bromance and friendship could possibly be on the rocks because of Rachael, Tyler has said there are no hard feelings between them.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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