Here’s which The Bachelorette suitor viewers can’t get enough of

Jenn Tran on The Bachelorette
There is one major standout among Jenn Tran’s men. Pic credit: ABC

Jenn Tran is off to a great start as she looks for love on Season 21 of The Bachelorette.

On the first night, the gorgeous PA student met 25 men, some of whom were handsome and well-adjusted, and others were quickly rubbing viewers the wrong way.

While the location where the premiere changed, some things didn’t.

The limo exits were similar to previous seasons, with each man looking for a way to stand out and make a big impression on Jenn.

Some of them seemed to be trying more to impress viewers, though, or to at least get everyone talking about them.

We’re talking about you, Brian.

But there was one man who had The Bachelorette viewers going gaga for all the right reasons, and they can’t stop talking about him.

Thomas N made a huge first impression on The Bachelorette viewers

Thomas N may not have received the first impression rose from Jenn Tran (Sam M did despite some very cringy moments), but he sure made a great first impression on viewers.

As The Bachelorette was airing, there was a lot of chatter on X about the show and Jenn’s men — with Thomas N standing out head and shoulders above the rest.

One viewer. took aim at the uber-cringy intros while giving Thomas N his props. They wrote, “Jenn: ‘these guys have such creative intros!’ Me during every intro except Thomas N’s: (followed by a GIF of Dan Levy on Schitt’s Creek.)

Another is already hoping Thomas N will be the next Bachelor star. They wrote, “Me rolling up to the mansion with my qualifications when Thomas N is named the bachelor”

They weren’t the only ones hoping for Thomas to be The Bachelor.

The Bachelorette viewers are already going hard for Thomas N, with one X user claiming that their account is about to be a “Thomas N stan account.”

What to know about Thomas N on The Bachelorette

Like Jenn, Thomas N is also Vietnamese-American; his parents immigrated to the United States from Vietnam.

The 31-year-old Bachelorette fan-favorite is from Tucker, Georgia, and is a retirement advisor.

On premiere night, Thomas N shared his Olympic aspirations, revealing that he was an Olympic hopeful swimmer until a shoulder injury took him out of the water, but not before cliff diving in Italy.

His goals include traveling to every continent, sharing his love of family, and hoping to find a long-lasting love like that of his parents.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 day ago

Can’t waste 1sec of precious God given time watching boring Jen with the seriously obnoxious nasally voice & guys who are obviously there for screen time as douch bags do🤣