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Here’s which Bachelor kissed the most women in a premiere episode

Peter Weber and Clayton Echard
One Bachelor holds the record for most kisses on opening night. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor requires its leads to find serious love connections in a short amount of time which means many Bachelor’s explore intimacy with their contenders sooner than normal. 

While some of the leading men take it a bit slower when it comes to kissing the women competing for their hearts, others move at a much faster pace. 

Here’s the Bachelor who moved at the fastest pace and kissed the most women on night one. 

Clayton Echard kisses a record 5 women on the first night 

The Bachelor Season 26 premiere left Bachelor Nation puzzled by some of Clayton’s decisions, especially when he gave a rose to a recently engaged Salley Carson, who was clearly not ready to jump into a relationship with him. 

Another aspect of the premiere that left The Bachelor viewers curious was how many women Clayton kissed on the first night, considering it seemed to be a lot more than usual from a Bachelor lead.

Turns out that speculation was right and Clayton Echard kissed the most women on the first night out of the last five Bachelors. 

Upon meeting the women on opening night, Clayton ended up locking lips with a record five women that included Teddi Wright, Kira Mengistu, Cassidy Timbrooks, Eliza Isichei, and commercial pilot Rachel R.

Clayton’s immediate intimacy with the women looks like it may come back to bite him as the season moves forward since previews reveal that he was physically intimate with multiple women. 

Colton Underwood and Peter Weber tie for second-most first-night kisses 

Clayton Echard holds the highest number of first-night kisses and former Bachelor’s Colton Underwood and Peter Weber tie for second place. 

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Peter and Colton reportedly both kissed 3 women during their respective premiere episodes of The Bachelor. 

The data analysis that was collected notes that this kiss count is based on televised kisses only and both Peter and Colton didn’t get a full 2-hour premiere like the other Bachelors. 

With Clayton already having his first kiss with five women, time will tell if any of them make it all the way to the end with him. 

Tune in this season to see if Clayton continues to keep his relationships hot and heavy. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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