Here are all the women Clayton kissed during The Bachelor premiere

Clayton Echard on a suit
Clayton Echard locked lips with several women during The Bachelor Premiere. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor leads each move at their own pace when it comes to how soon they kiss their contenders, and current lead Clayton Echard moved at a faster pace than most. 

During The Bachelor Season 26 premiere, Clayton kissed a total of 5 women on the first night, which has led many to wonder if he set a new record for most first-night kisses, considering that number is above average. 

Here are the 5 women Clayton Echard locked lips with during the premiere. 

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Clayton Echard shares his first kiss with Teddi Wright 

Every season of The Bachelor highlights a clear frontrunner in the premiere, and for Clayton, that woman was Teddi Wright. 

From the moment Teddi stepped out of the limo, Clayton seemed smitten and excited about exploring his potential with Teddi. Clayton seemed to be feeling instant sparks with Teddi, and so she was the first woman he kissed that night, even though Teddi previously thought she wouldn’t kiss him on the first night. 

The rest of the women in the house watched with envy as Teddi and Clayton locked lips, and that first kiss wouldn’t be the last of the night for the pair, as Clayton and Teddi had a makeout session when Clayton gave Teddi the coveted first impression rose. 

Clayton makes out with Kira Mengistu 

While Clayton and Teddi seemed to kiss because of their instant connection, Clayton’s kiss with Kira Mengistu seemed more rooted in physical attraction. 

Kira showed up to the mansion in a doctor costume with red lingerie underneath, and during their alone time, she checked Clayton’s heart with a stethoscope. 

In an effort to really get Clayton’s heart racing, Kira proceeded to makeout with Clayton. 

Clayton learns German from Eliza Isichei before sharing a kiss 

Clayton also kissed Eliza Isichei on the first night after she gave him a lesson in the German language. 

Eliza had Clayton attempt to read German on flashcards without much success.

Eliza then translated, ‘Can we kiss?’ In German and Clayton happily obliged as the two shared a private kiss. 

Clayton kisses Cassidy Timbrooks after an awkward moment 

The women on The Bachelor are known to pull out all the stops in order to make a memorable first impression. 

Cassidy Timbrooks opted to race Clayton in tiny cars during her alone time with him, but the plan backfired a bit when she tipped over and fell. 

However, she was able to turn the awkward fall into an intimate kiss with Clayton that had her swooning over the football-playing lead.

Clayton takes flight with Rachel R 

Rachel R. had a unique limo entrance. An elderly woman stepped out of the limo first and introduced Rachel. As a flight student and instructor, Rachel joked that the elderly woman was her ‘wing-woman.’

Rachel really seemed to catch Clayton’s eye, and during their alone time, the pair shared a kiss. 

It’s likely Rachel will be around for a while during Clayton’s love journey, especially because most previews for the season seem to show Rachel potentially making it particularly far.

Clayton didn’t hesitate to kiss the women he’s interested in on the opening night, and it seems he’ll only grow more affectionate with the woman as time goes on. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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