Here’s how the cast of Teen Mom 2 spent their time filming the Season 11 reunion

The cast of Season 11 of Teen Mom 2
Most of the cast of Teen Mom 2 was in California this weekend to tape the Season 11 reunion. Pic credit: MTV

The cast of Teen Mom 2 filmed the Season 11 reunion over the weekend.

Not everyone was in California to film, however.

Most of the moms made the trek to The Golden State over the weekend, including Leah Messer, Briana DeJesus, Jade Cline, and the newest member of the Teen Mom 2 cast, Ashley Jones.

Ashley Jones, Leah Messer, Briana DeJesus, and Jade Cline travel to California to tape Teen Mom 2 reunion

Ashley shared some video footage on her Instagram stories over the weekend, showing herself along with Leah and her boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley. In one slide, Ashley gave a kissy-face to the camera before showing Leah and Jaylan in the background.

“Leah, smile!” Ashley joked before getting Jaylan’s attention. “Look at Jaylan,” she said as he waved at the camera. “Look, always ready,” she joked about Leah’s new love interest.

In another slide, Ashley gave a kissy-face to the camera once again as she posed from the reunion stage, showing her husband Bar Smith in the background, mingling with the cast and crew.

Kail Lowry filmed reunion segment from her home in Delaware

Kail opted not to travel to California for the taping, but filmed from her new home in Delaware where she shared some footage in her Instagram stories over the weekend.

Kail filmed her segment from the comfort of her own couch, where MTV’s cameras could be seen in front of her as she prepared to film. In a second slide, Kail danced along to a song before she realized the person behind the camera was filming her and she laughed.

Although she has been taking a social media break amid her feud with Kail, Briana DeJesus quickly took to her Instagram stories as well to share a video of herself posing, looking gorgeous in full glam, with a low-cut, teal, strapless dress, a namesake necklace, simple hoop earrings, and her hair pulled up and parted down the middle.

Jade, who set the bar for the rest of the cast with her figure-hugging, all-black ensemble, also shared some footage from behind the scenes. The Teen Mom 2 logo could be seen behind Jade as she showed off her flawless makeup from the stage.

Jade also shared a few slides with herself and her BFF Chau, as well as with her on-again boyfriend Sean Austin.

It’s not surprising that Kail didn’t join the rest of the cast in person to film the reunion. She and her longtime nemesis Briana haven’t faced each other in a while, and it would likely make things awkward, if not hostile.

Kail also hinted that she may be done filming for Teen Mom 2 and teased filming her own show. It’s too soon to know until the reunion airs, but Kail’s absence may have prevented another reunion brawl like Teen Mom 2 viewers have seen on more than one occasion over the years.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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Always something with this show

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They love to bring drama